Update: Tools to detect & remove Downadup worm

Last week when I asked the question “Is Downadup, one of the deadliest worms ever?” some people in one of the forums I was discussing, made fun of my question and blamed me for giving hype to the news. Well now, ComputerWorld has reported that 1 in every 16 PCs across the world is being affected from this Conflicker / W32.Downadup worm.

Once affected, it prevents the user from visiting any anti-virus or anti-malware websites, which makes it very difficult to fix the infection.

How Downadup Spreads?


How to Prevent your PC from getting affected with Downadup?

Microsoft has issued a fix long back in last October via Security UpdateMS08-067, if you are not infected you can apply the patch and get secured against the vulnerability

How to Fix Downadup worm if you are already infected?

Make sure you download the latest version of Malicious Software Removal Tool from Microsoft website – LINK. This should help you clean the infection from your PC.


Downadup Removal Tools

BitDefender and Enigma Software have released tools to detect and remove Downadup / Conficker / Kido worm from PCs.

Download BitDefender Downadup removal tool

Download Enigma Conficker removal tool

I hope this post has helped you in securing your PC.

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