Disclaimer: This is one of the oldest tricks, but the point is IT STILL WORKS!

Rapidshare has established itself to be the leading file-hosting service and quite obviously, a free service. Most of us have used Rapidshare at one time or the other and that too as a ‘free user‘. The annoying thing being a free user is the waiting time imposed by Rapidshare for downloading every file. Well, here is an old, cute, small Rapidshare Hack which i have been using for the last few years and surprisingly which still works.

So, how to get rid of time delay in Rapidshare?

Step One :
After you have decided which file you want to download from Rapidshare, select to download it as a free user.

Step Two :
Now in the address bar of your browser type or copy and paste the following javascript and press ‘enter’ :


The download counter should disappear and the link should be ready for download immediately. This works in most of the browsers on windows! If you know any better way, do share it in the comments section.

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