IMPORTANT: It has been brought to my notice by one of the readers that Raptor is actually a spyware. I don’t want to risk my readers’ PCs, so please do NOT download it.

Over the past few days we have seen how dominating Rapidshare has become amongst the file-hosting services. We got to know 21+ Ways to Power Search Rapidshare, also an old but effective Rapidshare Hack to get rid of the time delay for free users and also about a Downloading tool for Premium Users.

But today, I will let you know about a very useful tool for Free users of Rapidshare which can help them manage the downloads in a much efficient way. Rapidshare, as we know imposes strict constraints on free users like download timer, no simultaneous downloads, no queuing of files etc. But this new tool, Raptor lets you download multiple links in queues and by using this you won’t have to worry about downloading links manually, as Raptor will do the job for you.


You just need to click on the link you would like to download and then locate the destination for the file to be downloaded and click save. Make sure you choose English as your preferred language since Raptor comes with Russian by default. I have attached a snapshot for your reference below.

Raptor english pref

Raptor is absolutely free of charge and has been tested to work on Windows XP and Vista. It requires .NET framework to be installed on the computer though, so take care of that before installing Raptor.

Download Raptor

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11 thoughts on “Free Rapidshare Download Manager For Free Users

  1. Raptor is actually a spyware.. doesn’t work as intended and changes your Internet settings sometimes..

    Not sure if it worked for you but for me (after confirmin from forums) this doesn’t download from RS..

    Another one like this is Rapidshare leecher and Rap get..

    • @Sid
      I had used Rapget, never worked for, didn’t know even Raptor is like that 🙁 Thanks for the warning, will update the post.
      ya FDM and IDM works great if you have premium account with rapidshare

  2. well i never used these softwares
    just one software that is ip changer , i have a rapidshare tool collection which includes ip changer which changes the ip whenever activated and then i used to download each part simultaneously after changing the ip’s …………….:)

  3. Hey everyone,

    Here’s another download manager you can use to download your rapidshare links…. you can download one at a time, or paste a whole bunch of them

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    Great site… take a look:

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