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Think about this –

What if you could download the latest episode of your hot new favorite TV show everyday/every week “automatically”?

Leave that work to FeedMyTorrents! As the name suggests, it lets you download the latest episodes through your preferred bit-torrent client by using any of their TV show RSS feeds.


These RSS Feeds are filtered thoroughly and contain no duplicates. You get the correct file, without hassle. Ofcourse, you can even create own RSS Feeds. This allows you to remotely add torrents, so they are downloaded while you’re away! Independent of your favorite tracker, this works for The Pirate Bay, Mininova etc. You can also create a personal Feed out of multiple FeedMyTorrent Feeds and add it to your media center, share it with friends!

There are some easy-to-understand Guides & FAQ written to help you with managing your feeds.

Check it out! – FeedMyTorrents

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3 thoughts on “[How To] Automatically Download the Latest Episode of Your Fav TV Show!

  1. I’ve done something similar with tvrss. I get the feed for the shows and then add the feeds to uTorrent. I don’t have them set to auto download though because I rarely watch them. It is handy though to have a list of the available torrents when I do want something to watch.

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