Flickr is an image sharing social network with billions of photos shared/stored by people all over the world. A lot of these photos (if not all) can be used for free and many are of high quality. But how to find out which Flickr photos are free and how to sort out the best ones? Multicolor Search Lab tool is the answer!


Multicolor Search Lab is a free Flickr Search tool with easy to use visual interface that lets you browse the best free photos on Flickr and find the one you want. It searches for images on Flickr containing particular colors. Pick the colors you want from a color palette containing 120 colors. You can pick up to ten colors, which should be adequate for most users.

Multicolor Search Lab searches 10 million+ Flickr photos. The photos are selected for their “interestingness“, a Flickr quality indicator that combines (among other things) where the clickthroughs are coming from, who comments on it and when, and who marks it as a favorite. It works quite well and the photos displayed are generally of high quality.

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4 thoughts on “Find Free Images With Visual Flickr Search

  1. I think I’ve seen this tool before. I usually want a photo that fits with the theme of my article topic and rarely need one based on color. I guess if I needed to make a banner or something to match a design that this could be useful.

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