Over the past 2 weeks, I have been covering the latest news about Downadup / Conficker worm. I even told How to Fix Downadup worm. But it seems some people are still confused as to how they can be sure that the worm has not affected them.

  • Go to : f-secure.com
  • Select <Disinfecting Tool>and a download of a zip file (approx 4.5mb) will start.
  • Download it to a folder and unzip it into a default directory – ‘f-downadup’
  • There are 2 options to run – (a) detect, (b) detect and disinfect

I suggest running the default ‘detect’ option first to see what results you get. If your Windows install is fully up to date (yes, feel guilty if it isn’t), hopefully you will see :


If you’re unlucky and an infection is detected, you probably don’t have any alternative but to run the disinfect option.

I ran it with the disinfect option anyway, and as expected, saw this :


In case if you are infected, the tool will disinfect, so not to worry. Run the tool multiple times to be sure its disinfected properly. Or else let me know if you need help and I will do my best to help you secure your PC.

Note: Make sure you have this windows update from Microsoft


Also if your running Malwarebytes (Free or Full) make sure its up to date as goes for Comodo BOClean.

Update: Thanks to Kim for asking this question

What are the symptoms of PC infected with Downadup/conficker worm?

* Downadup may install without your consent.
* Downadup may install other types of spyware/adware.
* Downadup may display annoying popups while you surf the web.
* Downadup may compromise your privacy and security.
* Downadup may be difficult to uninstall.

Credits: TNT

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