Everyone of us must have encountered with the need to take the snapshot of some webpage or capture the screen some time or the other. Especially, for bloggers / web-masters, then a screen capture tool is a must for day-to-day usage! With a good screen capture tool one can generate screenshots relevant to the article and then put them in the post and publish it.

Other than the in-built software in the OS like MS-paint in windows, there are various screen capture tools available – freebies, as well as premium ones. But if you are a firefox lover like me, then you don’t need to go out of the browser since there are some cool firefox add-ons which let you capture screens with a click of a button!!


1. Fireshot


Update: It seems like the latest version of Fireshot is compromised and many users are reporting a malware. Better to avoid this till things get clear.

I have been using Fireshot for the past few months and trust me, it is one of the best add-ons around. You can capture the screen partially or completely and later on, you can edit the captured image as well!! You will be able to add custom text (with some preset cool styling), add graphics and annotations as well. Screenshots can be saved in 4 formats – PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP. You can either save the captured/edited image on your PC or upload it into a FREE Image Host!!
My only complaint about Fireshot is that at times it seem to memory intensive, but considering the fact that you won’t need to use it continuously, you can give it a pass!

2. Screengrab


Screengrab is a minified version of Fireshot. It lets you save the entire webpage as an image. You could drag and select a particular portion of the page. You can even save flash screens. When you install this extension, you get a small screengrab icon on the right side of your firefox status bar. When you click on it, it gives you the various options to save or copy the screen. Yes, you can even copy the screen to clipboard. It is extremely light on memory which is a major plus.

3. Snapper

Snapper is a basic screen capture add-on for which allows users to designate an area of a web page for a focused snapshot, cutting out the additional work needed for cropping unnecessary information. Snapper is still an experimental add-on and hence requires you to be logged-in to mozilla before downloading the extension.

4. SnagIt


Snagit from Techsmith is my other favorite for webpage screen capturing. The SnagIt Firefox extension installs a small custom toolbar in Firefox. SnagIt’s extension for the Firefox browser enables users to take screen captures of an entire scrolling window, Web page, region, or even text that can be edited. The screen captures can be sent to files, clipboards, printers, or e-mail.

5. PageSaver


PageSaver With Page Saver, you can either Save Image of Visible Portion or Save an Image of Entire WebPage. With Pagesaver, you can adjust the size of the saved images. Page content generated by plugins (such as Flash-based content) is not included in saved images.

Page Saver should work on all platforms where Firefox is available. They have a basic and a pro version, where the pro version is nothing but a paid version with some extra features like clipboard copy.

6. Kwout


Kwout is the last one in the list of add-ons covered today, which is a cool app to easily capture and save webpages or online images. It also gives you the code for the screenshot which can be immediately embedded in your website. This extension places a small button on the bottom bar in Firefox, so all it needs is just a click to take the snapshot!

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