Update: [2nd Jan 2010] The real Shahrukh is really on Twitter – @iamsrk

The buzz in twitter-o-sphere is that Shahrukh Khan is the latest Indian celebrity to join Twitter! Well, I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this news, but you can check out SRK’s profile here and see for yourself if it is SRK himself tweeting out there. Below is the snapshot of this twitter profile.


Is it Shahrukh Khan himself on twitter?

Over the last couple of years we have seen that many Bollywood biggies and even Indian Politicians have shown their affinity towards Internet and blogging, and many of them do have genuine profiles on social networking sites like Orkut, facebook etc. So, this can actually be the King khan himself who is tweeting out there. We have seen this man’s innovative mind before – buying a cricket team in IPL and using it to the best of his ability to market his films/himself. So this can just be his another innovative way to reach out the geeks on the twitter world!

On the negative side, this can be yet another fake profile by some of his fan(s). But looking at the tweets posted, it does seem genuine but I can’t confirm until I see some real proof from the tweets to say “Yeah, It IS Mr. SRK!!”

Why I feel it is a fake profile?

  • The twitter background used is very unprofessional, it’s a collection of posters from his previous movies, errr???
  • The tweets made look like picked up from some “Google News”! Eg: “Shelved Duhla Mil Gaya & MNIK not kind to the shoulder. Surgery imminent”. Mashed up a bit, but still has the news/gossip flavor.
  • Under the Web column, it reads “http://www.redchillies.com/home/index.asp”. LOL!! index.asp? This guy must have copy pasted from the browser. SRK is good enough to own a PR to set up his twitter profile!
  • No. of people he is following is a BIG ZERO. Come on! SRK is not so rude not to follow “anyone”!!
  • His Bio on twitter profile reads like this – “Bio: Welcome!”.  No comments!!

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