I just observed that whatever we type in Google search, we get an error “This site may harm your computer”. Initially I thought I am bitten by some malware/adware/spyware, but was told it is coming for most of my friends, irrespective of the TLD (.com, .co.in, co.hk etc). So, is Google bitten by a bug or hacked?

Watch out this space for updates.

Google bug

Update 1: Updates pouring in that the Official Google Blog has been updated with a clarification. I am unable to access it at this tme as I am getting Server timeout error.

Update 2: Errr… its all fine now! 15 mins of anxiety!! It almost got twitter out of gear!!

Update 3: It’s been reported google’s malware partner http://www.stopbadware.org went down causing the warning in Google search

Update4: And finally the official confirmation on the official Google Blog. I was right on stopbadware.org!

Update5: Well well, I have another update, the blame game has started, stopbadware.org has put up a statement denying that their file containing the URLs as the reason for the mayhem! Ummm… surely this wont be the last update 😉
My question to Google is – “Why can’t you automate the process of file uploading, thereby avoiding unnecessary human errors?”

Update6: And here is the update on google blog. It’s not stopbadware who is the culprit, but Google itself!!
And my question is partly answered – “We maintain a list of such sites through both manual and automated methods.” Why partly manual?

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12 thoughts on ““This Site May Harm Your Computer” – Google Bug? [Resolved]

  1. This happened to me also when I was searching for something. Kind of annoying that every page reports that. Hopefully it’ll be fixed or something.

  2. I pay no attention to those things. Im sure it has happened befor and will happen again. Just kinda funny how one blames the other, they deny it and then google takes the blame.

    • @Blogict,
      At this time of high competitiveness and global recession one small mistake can snowball into a huge loss. I was reading an article which was predicting the (huge) amount of loss Google might have incurred due to this small outage. Neither a big company like Google, nor a small one like Stopbadware cud have afforded to take the blame on them as-is. Hence all the drama!

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