I just observed that whatever we type in Google search, we get an error “This site may harm your computer”. Initially I thought I am bitten by some malware/adware/spyware, but was told it is coming for most of my friends, irrespective of the TLD (.com, .co.in, co.hk etc). So, is Google bitten by a bug or hacked?

Watch out this space for updates.


Update 1: Updates pouring in that the Official Google Blog has been updated with a clarification. I am unable to access it at this tme as I am getting Server timeout error.

Update 2: Errr… its all fine now! 15 mins of anxiety!! It almost got twitter out of gear!!

Update 3: It’s been reported google’s malware partner http://www.stopbadware.org went down causing the warning in Google search

Update4: And finally the official confirmation on the official Google Blog. I was right on stopbadware.org!

Update5: Well well, I have another update, the blame game has started, stopbadware.org has put up a statement denying that their file containing the URLs as the reason for the mayhem! Ummm… surely this wont be the last update 😉
My question to Google is – “Why can’t you automate the process of file uploading, thereby avoiding unnecessary human errors?”

Update6: And here is the update on google blog. It’s not stopbadware who is the culprit, but Google itself!!
And my question is partly answered – “We maintain a list of such sites through both manual and automated methods.” Why partly manual?

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