In recent times, we have seen a huge surge in publicly available WiFi hotspots across US & Europe. Thanks to them, users can now connect their WiFi enabled devices like smartphones or PCs to the internet even without having a internet dongle! But how to find out WiFi hotspots?

Well, you just need to install WeFi! It can be used from your PC or from your phone. It’s one of the best ways to find a free Wi-Fi signal no matter where you are or where you’re going. From the web site:

# Find Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe
# Automatically connect to the best Wi-Fi location around you
# Be a part of a community that builds an open global Wi-Fi network
# Have more fun using our chat and find friends

Here’s how WeFi works: A consumer with Wi-Fi capability on a laptop or a smartphone with Symbian or Windows Mobile operating system software logs on to the WeFi site and downloads its free software. After signing up for the service, consumers can use any of the more than 10 million WeFi-certified open Wi-Fi access points in the company’s global database.

There are strong social networking features to WeFi. Because the WeFi global map and central database contain the location of each access point, a user’s location can be displayed if he or she chooses to make it available to friends or even strangers.

What about access points that are closed by passwords? Obviously, WeFi can’t use those encrypted Wi-Fi access points but the worldwide trend is for the addition of so many access points that there will be enough to cover more and more regions and countries.

Download We-fi

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