Welcome to yet another episode of Firefox Friday. This time around I will be sharing some interesting links across the Foxosphere.

  1. How to Clean Your Internet History in Firefox – Amit from Digital Inspiration shares a simple yet effective tip on how to make sure that people don’t get to know about the websites you visited last night. I never knew Firefox has an option to clear history from the last hour, last 2 hours etc.!
  2. 15 Great Flickr Extensions for Firefox – For all the Flickr + Firefox fans out here, this is an amazing post collating some 15 firefox add-ons which will help with everything from navigation to uploading, accessing Flickr in countries that block the service, and much more.
  3. Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 3.0.6 Released – You must be knowing by now that Mozilla released a new version 3.0.6 earlier this week which fixes some security loopholes. And already, Portable Apps team has come out with the USB version of Firefox 3.0.6.
  4. 26 Essential Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers – One of my recent favorites, Instant Shift, has compiled a list of essential add-ons for Web designers. It is a MUST READ if you ask me.
  5. Top 6 Firefox Add-ons for Capturing Screens – And finally, my own post which lists out top 6 Firefox extensions for website screen capturing. It has the detailed analysis of each of the add-on, so check it out!

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