Earlier this week, Microsoft released a statement saying that there will be an upgrade option, for Windows XP users wanting to buy Windows 7. However, it’s not an upgrade as we all understand in the usual sense.

Windows 7 upgrade from XP is NOT really an upgrade

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According to a post on The Register, a Microsoft spokesman has said:

“I can confirm that customers will be able to purchase upgrade media and an upgrade license to move from Windows XP to Windows 7 – however, they will need to do a clean installation of Windows 7. This requires the user to back up their data, install Windows 7, re-install the programs and restore their data.”

Obviously, this is a clean install and not an upgrade!

Windows Vista users will be able to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 in the usual way; as the OS is pretty-much the same. This, of course, is prompting many people (including me) to ask whether Windows 7 is REALLY just a big service pack to make Vista the OS we were promised when it launched.

This must have prompted Microsoft to release a statement saying Windows XP users can as well upgrade to Windows 7 (probably by paying some “upgrade price”), but this dirty PR trick will surely not get missed by the people.

Bill Gates might have retired and now talking big on How he wants to change the world now, but I am sure he or anyone else can change the dirty marketing and PR strategy of Microsoft.

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5 thoughts on “Upgrading Windows XP to Windows 7? Wait a Bit…

  1. Personally, i plan on completing my migration to linux soon. I don’t care for the fact that microsoft is declairing EOL for XP, and basicly forcing users to upgrade to either vista / windows 7. After the fiasco of vista, i feel MS should allows users of vista to upgrade to windows 7 for free (as a service pack) and continue to support XP for those user’s still not willing to chance it on the new OS.

    As well, i feel it’s a total waste to tell XP users if they buy the additional software, they will be able to ” upgrade ” to windows , when in fact, you are just buying the software, and being told you will need to back up your data, install W7, then reinstall your applications. This to me sounds like a clean install, not an upgrade.

    Granted, linux isn’t for all people, but those of us who know, understand, and those of us who don’t, use winblows

  2. Get your facts straight before publishing a story.

    The technology behind Microsofts new(er) distrobutions (Vista and Windows 7) uses a completely different PIE (Pre-Installation Environment) than that of XP, and since this environment is used to transfer all files and settings from an older OS (Vista) to the new one (Windows 7) it works providing the OS’s use the same environment. XP is 10 years old, and does not support this kind of upgrade from a technical standpoint.

    This IS in fact an upgrade in licensing terms as you WILL have to type in your XP licence code when installing the Win7 Upgrade package, to prove that you are, in fact, upgrading. Just because it has the word “Upgrade” on the box, doesnt mean that you have to have the older system installed first, nor is this a practice that is confined to Microsofts marketing team. See any Autodesk upgrade as anotehr example.

    Get your facts right before hatemongering.


    • @newbe5,
      Mr. I-KNOW-ALL-newbe5, I appreciate your detailed reply but think again. You and me, being techies/geeks understand the technical feasibility behind upgrade, but for a layman, its plain cheating. My post is just an alert for those laymen to sit back, think and decide what to do next.

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