Last month I had written a post on WordPress Flash about A Plugin Better Than Akismet? May “BEe”. It was an informal preview about a WordPress Plugin – Antispam Bee by Sergej Muller.

Though my first impression about the plugin was very good, I wanted to test it for a month or so before declaring if Antispam Bee is actually better than Akismet or not.


As we know, Akismet is a tried and trusted plugin to filter Spam from the genuine comments. I used to get around 15 spam comments on an average every day, and at-least 1 of them used to sneak in through Akismet somehow.

Then I stumbled upon this new Plugin – Antispam Bee which claimed to be the wisest and the best anti-spam plugin for WordPress. The way it works is simple, yet effective! It just replaces the comment field, probably by changing the name/ID parameters. So, all those bots spamming the WordPress blogs world over are proved useless.

Still, there were few spammers determined to beat the new anti-spamming system on my blog and started to manually enter spam through the comments section. This is when I thought of enabling Akismet again.

Akismet filters the spam from genuine comments and Antispam Bee nullifies the Spam Bots! What this means is, even if someone takes pain to manually enter spam comments, Akismet filters them off more than 99 out of 100 times. Now-a-days I check my spam queue just once a week and I hardly find something waiting there for me!

So guys, that is the secret –

Akismet + Antispam Bee = ZERO Spam

Try it out. It actually works!!

Update: Some of the recent updates to Antispam-Bee (v2.3+) seems to have changed the way the plugin works. It is no more able to block the spam bots and results in hundreds and thousands of spam comments hogging the spam folder.

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