Last month I had written a post on WordPress Flash about A Plugin Better Than Akismet? May “BEe”. It was an informal preview about a WordPress Plugin – Antispam Bee by Sergej Muller.

Though my first impression about the plugin was very good, I wanted to test it for a month or so before declaring if Antispam Bee is actually better than Akismet or not.

reduce wordpress spam

As we know, Akismet is a tried and trusted plugin to filter Spam from the genuine comments. I used to get around 15 spam comments on an average every day, and at-least 1 of them used to sneak in through Akismet somehow.

Then I stumbled upon this new Plugin – Antispam Bee which claimed to be the wisest and the best anti-spam plugin for WordPress. The way it works is simple, yet effective! It just replaces the comment field, probably by changing the name/ID parameters. So, all those bots spamming the WordPress blogs world over are proved useless.

Still, there were few spammers determined to beat the new anti-spamming system on my blog and started to manually enter spam through the comments section. This is when I thought of enabling Akismet again.

Akismet filters the spam from genuine comments and Antispam Bee nullifies the Spam Bots! What this means is, even if someone takes pain to manually enter spam comments, Akismet filters them off more than 99 out of 100 times. Now-a-days I check my spam queue just once a week and I hardly find something waiting there for me!

So guys, that is the secret –

Akismet + Antispam Bee = ZERO Spam

Try it out. It actually works!!

Update: Some of the recent updates to Antispam-Bee (v2.3+) seems to have changed the way the plugin works. It is no more able to block the spam bots and results in hundreds and thousands of spam comments hogging the spam folder.


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  • Vikas SN

    Nice One Kano. Lemme give it a try.

    • Raju

      Please do. Testing on just couple of blogs may not be enough to come to a conclusion :)

  • Nicholas |

    Cool dude, Man this could save a lot of time. Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Raju

    My pleasure :)

  • Nihar

    Cool man. I read about this on Mike’s blog as well. Need to try this plugin.

    • Raju

      You get so much traffic, please try it and let me know, btw who is mike?

  • Donace

    sounds very interesting; I would also plug here my article ‘spam attack’, and would advise you to check out the htaccess tricks (and the pending 4g blacklist from perishable).

    If you can stop them even getting into the site its much better :p

    • Raju

      I did have a look at .htaccess tweaks, but was afraid if I end up blocking genuine commentators as well with my limited knowledge on apache.

      lucky you 😀

  • Rockstar sid

    I do not get many spams.. I usually go through them manually as sometimes genuine comments are caught by Akismet :(

  • Gennice

    I was in the same situation like Sid is, but lately with higher traffic to my new blog, I get much spam that is too much to be manually blocked – it simply takes too much time.

    Thanks for sharing these. I will have to try them.

    • Raju

      Welcome dude, hope it helps you as well!

  • TechnoSamrat

    Looks cool.. will have to try it..

    • Raju

      Please try it out and let me know.

  • stratosg

    i am not that popular having so many spam comments. i HATE akismet (i have an article in draft to illustrate why) and i have the simple CAPTCHA protection. if it gets ugly at some point i might think this solution 😉

    stratosgs last blog post..Member Of The Month: January

    • Raju

      Come on man, don’t trouble us with those tough math captchas :(

  • Jason

    It’s not all good — Antispam Bee seems to prevent the functioning of plugins that need to find the comment field, eg. ajax preview plugins.

    • Raju

      As I have explained in the article, it changes the id, name fields internally to keep away bots. The side effect of this mechanism is what you have mentioned about. Some other comment related plugins will cease to work.

  • techniqueal t.

    sounds an interesting try. will check it once i get my WP blog up and running.

    techniqueal t.s last blog post..Recent Comments Widget for Blogger CommentLuv Users

  • Suneel

    Sounds too lucrative.

    Leaving all these aside, I believe that using a CAPTCHA would reduce the spam by 99%.

    I tried it and found 100% result from that. I would suggest everyone who is suffering from spam to block the bots by just using a simple captcha plugin on your blogs.

    • Raju

      captcha is what they call “a-pain-in-the-a$$”. It hurts the genuine commentators and spammers alike.

  • Arif

    Hi Guys,

    Spam is for some reason driving traffic to my website. The wrong traffic all from mad webmasters. It seems that someone has gone crazy spamming wordpress in particular using our name.

    Is this a WordPress problem? Anyway, I’ll just link back to this blog from my website for other wordpress webmasters to take note.


    • Raju

      With the spam control system currently in place in this blog (as described in the article), even this comment was pushed to spam queue. I guess you must contact Akismet and get yourself removed from the spammers list.

  • Arif


    I’m not using WordPress or any other CMS on my website. A spammer is using our name to spam WordPress blogs writing silly things and when someone clicks on the link he goes to our website so this gives the impression that we spam others.

    I honestly don’t need more traffic as I have more jobs than I can handle, I almost went to the point that I thought of posting a note that I won’t be taking new jobs for a while. 100% of it is word of mouth. I actually didn’t know about this blog until I checked my stats. Is the spammer targeting other webmasters?

    Maybe a maniac web marketer discovered that webmasters always check their incoming traffic and are curious to find out where it comes from so he packaged it in an ebook and started selling the info for $27.95 along with some stale bonuses.

    It seems that WordPress is set by default to auto accept comment so he uses this feature to say what garbage he wants to say. This action makes other webmasters think that we spammed their blogs.

    Anyway I already posted the note on my website to alert other webmasters. There’s nothing else that I can do against identity theft.


  • pbx

    Thanks for sharing, Definitely will give a try.