I bet Firefox cannot EVER do this

IE art

Applause applause!! This proves Mr. Bill Gates is an art lover!

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24 thoughts on “[TP : TimePass] Why Internet Explorer is Better than Firefox?

  1. You are right Raju, it used to happen when pentium 3 and 4 were common. Now a days it sometimes happen but not as frequently.

    • @Simran,
      well, errr… I didn’t expect I would need to explain the humor in this 🙁
      Anyway, when IE hangs, if you drag around the pop up window, it leaves a mark most of the times. 😐

  2. @Raju
    i aint a lover of IE.I guess u can do it with all browser.too many processes running simultaneously can also make ur windows hang.this conversation is getting hot.lol.

  3. Please don’t talk about IE like this, according to me it is the best browser in the world! No one can match it. I use IE 6 on a daily basis for my work or TP. It is the greatest invention ever,

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