For the last hour or so Twitter was bombarded with lots of “Don’t click” tweets having a tinyurl link attached to it. I initially ignored the tweets, but then many of the big-shots like @andybeal and @commentluv tweeted the same thing and I got curious to check what exactly is that. Yeah, I blindly trusted them and few other friends on Twitter and clicked on the link. It opened up a new page with just one button saying Don’t Click. Fortunately, I couldn’t actually click on the button for whatever reasons and I closed the page.

It seems those who managed to click on the button, saw a tweet “Don’t Click” registered on their timeline immediately. Well, here are some of the links which explain what it is all about

Why did I just click this link? I got twitter-jacked! – Andy Bailey

The “Don’t Click” Twitter bomb – Keeran

Evil Genius: How to Get People to Tweet for You Without Them Knowing – Raven-Seo

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