Size Fixer is an amazing software tool by FixerLabs for maintaining clarity of an image even after zooming it by 400 percent. It works by an automatic erasing of dark and faded parts giving a high clarity image. It can enlarge desired portions of your favorite picture without losing quality.

Originally introduced in 2004 as a Mac OS X version, the Windows version was later released in late 2006 and it guarantees to enlarge photos up to 33×46 inches without degrading image sharpness or compromising image interpolation. The standalone program handles RGB, JPEG, and TIFF files. SizeFixer’s “super-resolution technology” provides large, unlimited file output size, limited only to user’s computer processing.

SizeFixer increases image size in two ways. If EXIF information is present, it reads image EXIF data with its LensFIT technology. Using a super-resolution deconvulsion method, SizeFixer internally processes the EXIF information to enhance image pixels

The technology has its roots in government and military use, including NASA imaging. SizeFixer has 3 variant versions – XL, SLR & Home. For normal usage, SizeFixer Home can be used. It doubles or quadruples the number of pixels from your compact digital camera giving you up to 16 Mpixels, (prints just over A4 or 11″x8.5″). It is available for Windows & Mac.



SizeFixer XL, SLR & Home costs $199.95, $269.90 & $59.95 respectively. It also has FixerBundle plugin set for Photoshop costing $59.95. Interested? I suggest you to first go for a fully functional Trial of each of these versions before deciding to buy.

Download Free Trial of Size Fixer

Discaimer: This is NOT a paid review.

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4 thoughts on “Enlarge Your Digital Photographs Without Losing Quality

  1. Is there online version or helpdesk or any friends who can help me testing the results of this product.
    My company will not allow to download a trail version.I really need to check this very quickly.

    • @Mohan,
      what exactly you want to know? I have tried this software. Its pretty good, though there will be some loss of quality. It also depends on quality of the original pic and factors like lighting, brightness etc

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