BackupURL lets you create an immediate backup (cached) copy of the website you choose with it’s own url address. All the links remain live, and when I tried it with my website I was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually copied all the pages of my site and not just the one page address I had entered.


Initially I thought it is just teasing me by placing an iFrame bar on the top and retrieving the page live from my site, but No! The html source confirmed its a cached copy of my website. BackupUrl sort of takes a snapshot in time and makes it immediately accessible. If you want to update it, you have to enter the site address again and get a new url address for that updated site.

Few things like Flash elements and embedded videos (and ofcourse the ADS controlled from JavaScript) won’t be captured. Still, BackupURL is a cool web-tool to capture pages where content changes frequently. If you visit the website homepage, there is hardly any information out there to know the exact purpose of this service. Though it looks similar to WayBackMachine, its more like an on-demand version of it.

Why I am skeptical of BackUpURL service?

As I told you before, BackUpURL creates a cached copy of all the webpages with just one click. But I am not sure if these cached copies are indexed by search engines or not. i hope they are not. Else it might become a major SEO issue for duplicate content. I am not the right person to comment on SEO, but what do you think of it?

Oops! I forgot the link. Here it is : BackUpURL

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