Just a while back i got an Instant Message from one of my colleagues who hardly ever chats with me. Surprisingly it was a Tinyurl link which said something like – “LoL! Check out for this funny video “, which was so unlike him to send an URL of a funny video. But still i went ahead and clicked on it and i was taken to a website – Viddyho.com (I am not linking to it – no way) which asked me to login to GTalk by entering my GMail username and password in the space provided!


Obviously it looked fishy (phishy). Why would anyone needs to login to GTalk to watch a funny video? Good try buddy, but I am not someone who would fall for it! But I am not sure how many have fallen for it. One of them of-course was my friend who had promptly logged on using his GTalk user-id and password. Once he did, it smartly sent IMs to all his contacts with tinyurls pointing to viddyho.com. It might just be a prank or an actual phishing link. I am not too sure about it right now. But I would surely update this post soon. Keep plugged in.

@Mashable tweets to all their followers on twitter about Viddyho being a scam site. Still no clarity on if its a phishing link or not.

Lot of people confirming about this and now asking for a solution. If you have fallen PREY, just change your password RIGHT NOW. if you are on Firefox, clear your cache and cookies and restart your Browser. More updates soon.

My small VPS was not able to handle so many concurrent users. Sorry for any downtime. Blogstring confirms that Viddyho is indeed part of a phishing network with similar phishing hooks for Myspace, MSN messenger, ICQ etc.

Image updated & Credit: NyTimes

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