USB Flash Drive

Any USB drive can suffer data loss due to several reasons like –

  • Bad sector infected USB storage media result in data loss.
  • Corrupted music files due to system failure.
  • Damaged images/photos because of power surges.
  • Recover data when pen drive is formatted accidentally.
  • Files/folders erasure even after using (Shift+Del) keys!
  • Virus generated data loss.
  • Software related problem.

DiskDigger USB Drive data recovery Software easily recovers all types of deleted data files including digital (image, pictures, photo, video clips) or music files (mp3, mp4, midi, wav etc). Beside the software retrieves documents like word document file, xls, DAT or .ppt file etc.

USB Drive Data Recovery Software supports all major branded USB drives like Transcend, Sony, Kingmax, Kingston, Jet flash, Super Media, Super Flash, Apacer, AVB etc. Even the files/folders with long names can be recovered easily.

DiskDigger can be used to recover data from any internal or external hard drives. But I suggest that it to be used to recover data from smaller drives since it includes all found files in the results (including non-deleted); hence not efficient for large internal drives.

Download DiskDigger – Free USB data Recovery software

This Flash drive recovery software works only on Windows and is completely FREE to use!


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  • stratosg

    this is very useful indeed… it will definitely come in handy. thx!

    stratosgs last blog post..When things get extremely wrong

    • Raju

      Welcome buddy :)

  • P@r@noid

    This is bookmarked…
    I have faced this problem many times…and glad I have a solution now

    P@r@noids last blog post..Using Images to Drive Traffic from the Image search engine results

  • ROx


  • devil

    Ive tried tis….but some of my datas are still not recovered….and d recovered are not usable in some files….any explanation?

    • Raju

      sorry to hear that, but it is a known fact that data recovery via software doesn’t work completely. I am sorry, if you were given that impression

  • Pawan

    quite handy, but not recovering Microsoft 2007 files, should work on that.

  • raj

    thank you very much for help

  • meena

    hey plz help when i use the above link and run the application a dialog box opened
    “this application failed to initialize”
    what should i do :(

  • slnswamy

    I am not able to use this
    the next button after selecting thhe disk isnot seen
    please help

    • Raju

      It is there at the bottom right corner. I tried again and it works fine. I hope you are using Windows. Which version of Windows?

  • slnswamy

    iam usin widows xp

    • Raju

      Are you not at all seeing the Next button or is it greyed out? If you are not seeing, it might be due to low resolution of the monitor. Try increasing the resolution. I am afraid I won’t be able to help further. But yes, you can try other free data recovery software like File Constructor or Recuva

  • bibomaria

    Hi !

    Few months before, i lost my all usb memory data because my USB has been corrupted . i used Kernel software to recover all my USB data. i get all my deleted data by the help of Kernel software. i found it


  • Raxonon

    I had a 4GB USB drive which got corrupted. Since it contained my business presentations and much of precious data , so it was very necessary to get those data back. On my friend’s suggestion I went for Windows data recovery software from Stellar Phoenix. Its worth to go with it .

  • Al

    Does come up with a “Drive not ready” error even though my USB is already inserted and there is nothing else other than my HDD. Even the CD drive is empty. Another error is an exception that comes up from time to time. Am using Win XP Pro SP3 if this helps.

  • gulfam

    thanks a lot

  • panjutha

    when i use the above link and run the application a dialog box opened
    “this application failed to initialize”
    plz help??????/

  • mae

    Wow, I was able to recover the files I needed, Raju. Thanks to you!

  • Maura

    ok, the software is great, but the annoying message makes me highly consider searching on for another probram. have you ever considered that maybe, and just maybe, people do not have the money to donate?

  • king jot

    please someone should help me . I have lost my final year projet on my pendrive.

  • Farhad

    It works pretty good, but not for really big USB device of 8GB, and it is an annoyware rather than freeware, it nags for every file I want to save. stopped after 10 could not stand the nagging.

  • Emma

    Hi there, I am getting the error message from my PC that my USB has malfunctioned and cannot be read, will this software be able to help in this situation? Thanks, Emma

  • Dan

    Fantastic! I’ve been trying to recover some Word documents on my friend’s memory stick that randomly corrupt itself, and tried many programs that didn’t work. This program managed to recover most of what she lost. Kudos!!!

  • meetdjones

    seems to be very useful software. thanx for sharing mate roku box

  • Umashankar

    Will it work for Memory card data loss .

  • adnan




  • pawowgold

    very good, it’s very useful to me, thank you very much!

  • Denn

    ..yeah…..thanks for this application…really helped me! thank God.! and thank with salute to the author…!

    • Raju

      You’re welcome :)

      • Denn

        wait a minute…it’s asking for the license in order to extract the files…

        • Raju

          Ouch! and you thanked me before retrieving the file? :) I guess things have changed ever since this post was published. Visit and download the software. That ‘old’ version is still free and should be good enough. Else, consider buying the latest premium version.

          • Denn

            it’a okay…atleast it worked…hehe

          • Denn

            .it’s okey…atleast it worked..hehe

  • yokesh

    sir i hats of to be an indian

  • Mike

    I am a novice and on a Windows work platform, and have a question: I have a 8GB flash drive that has worked fine for months–until today. It will not show up on my computer when plugged in. No physical abuse, no warning, no clue why.

    After experimenting, verified that it also will not be recognized by other computers either. Other flash drives work fine on my computer.

    Question: will this download help recover the ~500 Excel files on it if the icon for the external drive does not even show up when plugged in?

    • Raju

      I don’t think it’ll work. The software is designed to retrieve files from a corrupted device, but in your case it looks like the drive is physically damaged

  • Caygri

    and the file .m create in matlab?

  • Shahin

    I have tried it; asks activation key; can you help? please

  • ShayShay

    Sorry this is late but will it work if my usb is being detected but not like it usually is, instead being detected as a memory bar? (And when I try opening it, it says please insert disk)

  • tom

    nice piece of kit, 100% recovery !

  • james

    I suggest that you try asoftech recovery software which helped me before, search “asoftech usb recovery” for the step by step guide.