Planning for a backup for all the important things in your life is a must. Especially when it comes to your Computer Data the probability of losing it is very high (due to hard disk crashes, power surge, laptop being stolen etc). Hence, one can look for an online service to backup the data.

I would not like to go into the discussion about “if online data backup is safe or not“. But storing your valuable data online gives you easy access to it, in the event of disaster and, even more usefully, lets you retrieve your files remotely from any location. There are lots of reliable and secured ways of taking data backup online but most of them come under Premium section. If you are looking for a free version of Online Data backup services then read ahead.


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Top 10 Websites to take Online Backup of Data for FREE!

1. Online Data Backup by


Mozy has Free, Home & Pro versions. The free version comes with 2GB of secure online backup which you can use to back up photos, music, and documents, on your home computer. You would need to download and install a software once you signup with them and then using their UI, just have to pick and choose the files and directories to backup. The Pro version offers unlimited data but costs $5 per month.

2. Secure Online Backup –

idrive logo

Get 2 GB of full featured Online Backup for free. Features include Automatic Backup, True Archiving, Versioning, Continuous Backup, Mapped Drive Backup and Web-based Backup Management. You are required to install and login a software and all it takes is exactly 2 clicks to start protecting your critical data.

3. Revolutionary online Backup – Adrive


ADrive’s Basic plan offers individual users 50GB of online storage and backup for all file types for FREE. The Basic plan is intended for individual or personal use only, but I guess that should suffice for any personal needs. Adrive’s online data backup service is not as secure as Mozy or IDrive, but 50GB limit is surely attractive enough to be considered in this list.

4. SkyDrive Online data storage from Windows Live


Skydrive is a Free Online data backup service from Microsoft Windows Live. They offer 25GB of Free storage which you can use to easily store and share your files and photos with almost anyone. You need to drag files into your online folders, just like on your PC. All the files/folders will be password protected. All you need to have is MSN or Hotmail or Windows Live ID!

5. Free Online storage from


Humyo offers 10GB of space for FREE to store your personal data. Drag and drop option makes it easy to use this service. You can access your data from any browser or mobile phone from anywhere ,even when your computer is offline . One can easily upload and download any Size file and share with your friend or you easily publish your media on the web.

6. Free Online Storage from


Access your digital life anywhere with up to 10GB of free secure online storage from, the 123-drive is the perfect place for your information and files – it’s always ready to store, share and show-off your digital lifestyle wherever you are in the world. Easily share your files with as few or as many people as you like. You simply set permissions on your uploaded files and share them with the world or just the chosen few. I loved the security offered as well – 256-bit encryption, firewalling, a partitioned network and a structure which requires specific permission to view a file.

7. Online Backup from DriveHq


DriveHQ offers Online backup files, emails & database. It is Easy, secure and automatic. You can backup multiple PCs, laptops & servers. The free version comes with just 1GB so you can use it only for those most important data files you want to backup.

8. Remote File Access and Backup from OrbitFiles


They claim to be “The most reliable and advanced storage platform to manage your files online and it’s FREE!”. Well, I do not contest that claim, but they do offer 6Gb space to backup your data and share it online. If you wish to have unlimited space, you can have it for just $5 per month.

9. Online backup and sharing – MyOtherDrive


MyOtherDrive backup provides 128-bit encryption that occurs on your computer, before your files are sent to their servers. Your files are stored in the data center computers in encrypted format, so that no one but you can read them. On download, you supply your encryption password, and the files are decrypted on your computer after being downloaded from the servers. By the way, they offer 2GB of Free Space.

10. Secure Online Storage and Backup from SpiderOak


SpiderOak provides an easy, secure and consolidated free online backup, storage, access, sharing & sync tool for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Ubuntu & Debian). It preserves all historical versions & deleted files. You get 2GB of FREE online data storage space for backup.


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  • stratosg

    I remember the skydrive when it was in beta. I have never tested it. It is supposed to be good. Thanks for reminding me to check it out 😉

  • Andy

    The is a new online backup product that will come out later this month called CloudBerryDrive. It will be powered by amazon S3 reliable and cost efficient storage. If you want to take part in early beta and perhaps get a discount later sign up on the website

  • John Tucker

    SkyDrive does not do automated backups like Mozy or SpiderOak etc. It might be useful, but it is more just an online storage service than a backup service. Sure you can copy your important files there but it does not do it automatically. Dropbox or are similar services. There is a rather large difference between an online storage service and a backup service. Backup services usually can run automatically and require little to no user interaction once setup. Unless SkyDrive has changed since I tried it, but I doubt it.

    John Tuckers last blog post..Backblaze Welcomes HP Upline customers

  • Kent

    For all online backup, file sharing and storage related info, I recommend this website:

    By the way, OrbitFiles is getting out of business, it is up for sale.

  • Raju

    Am glad :) Do give it a try!

    Thanks for the info, but I have listed only FREE services here.

    You are absolutely right. It is still the same, i.e its an online storage service, I corrected it. Thanks a lot for commenting and correcting me :)

  • Andy

    @Raju – we have special offers for bloggers :-) please send me an email andy [at] for details

  • Vince

    This is a really great top ten list, thanks for posting such a long list of resources. You can post this to our site and then link back to your site. We are looking for top ten lists and our users can track back to your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  • techniqueal t.

    pretty good list. have tried a couple of them hoping to find something that resembles googlepages’ feature. most of the online backup even free webhosting sites i found do not allow me to rename the file as i like it — most automatically assign alphanumeric filenames (e.g. im not sure if you’re getting what i mean. can you recommend one for me? thanks.

    techniqueal t.s last blog post..Top and Best Posts of "The Technical Thought Of You" for 2008

    • Raju

      I think I am getting what you are trying to say. When its automated backup, file names and folders are renamed automatically, since they are supposed to be a “backup” in real sense and not “storage”. As I commented earlier, its my mistake that I have clubbed some ‘pure storage sites’ like Skydrive. So, if you are looking for automated backup – go for Mozy/IDrive, else Skydrive is good enough for personal storage.

  • paul

    Up to date list of 180+ online storage sites:

  • P@r@noid

    I will suggest using Skydrive …
    have used it like the 25 Gb free space and some cool sharing features :)

    P@r@noids last blog post..Using Images to Drive Traffic from the Image search engine results

  • Nihar

    Thanks for the big list. I have used iDrive before. WIll check out others as well.

    Nihars last blog post..How to add Image Reflections using PicReflect

  • mezanul

    Thanks for sharing the others!
    Actually i am using Adrive for the last 6 months, and have not faced any problem. Basically, I like the feature of transfering files from another server on the internet into my adrive account.

    mezanuls last blog post..Use BitLocker And Encrypt Your Removable USB Flash Drives

    • Raju

      Thanks for sharing your experience

  • Sham

    Nice list:)

  • Raju

    Thanks buddy!

  • Hal

    Carbonite. My online backup solution

  • jack

    I had no idea there were so many different online backup companies.

  • SandMan

    Hey Raj, lets say i have a blog somewhere and i use one of the sites, can i link a download from my blog to any of the mentioned storage, lets say i’ll use it like RS or anyother service…?

    Thankx for the list.


    • Raju

      Yes u can!!

  • Jaylan_scott

    I have just switched to for online backup. They have an interesting mobile backup feature.You can now backup your documents / pictures / music / contacts on secured servers, and restore them safely, assuring access to your mobile data anytime, anywhere!Get a free signup done on backupandshare, windows mobile backup solution is available free with it.

  • Steve Duncan

    This article is awsome. Thanks for spending so much time to put all this info into a single article. I have used the skydrive and whilst upload times are not the best, the skydrive works hasle free !

  • Davi

    There are very many online backups i have ever come across.And they are all different in price and certain features but the best part about them are that they help secure online data.I’m glad i’m currently using one called Safecopy backup for all my backup needs.Because with this backup,i’m able to backup multiple computers on a single account for only 50bucks a year

  • CX

    We noticed your top 10 list is from 2009, so we wanted to introduce ourselves–we’re CX, a safe and secure cloud storage service, and while we’re a little newer to the block, we differentiate ourselves from our peers with our large amount of free storage (10GB) and focus on collaboration, with features such as groups, chat and social network sharing. We also have a small business suite that gives teams 1TB of online storage to use for free for 30 days. We’d love to hear your feedback!