Are you one of those who loses sleep over who has blocked you on FriendFeed? Or do you at-least like to know who has blocked you so that you can block them in turn?! Well, in that case you will be happy to know that there is a new web tool which you are looking for – ffblockr.

Please take a note that you are supposed to share your login information for this service to work and they promise that they would never store it! You need to drop in a valid email address of yours where the report will be sent to. And the interesting thing about ffblockr is, it displays the top 5 people who have been blocked by others! Are you in the list?!


Update1: My friend @remzology alerted me that ffblockr asks for password instead of API key like other Friendfeed apps. I will investigate more about it.

Update2: FFblockr has put up this explanation on their site –

** Why not REMOTE KEY? Because we determine who blocked you by logging in your account (this can not be done with your remote key, as you know) and checking profiles of people around you with your perspective. Please again note that, we DO NOT STORE your password.

I give the benefit of doubt to FFblockr here. When I investigated a bit, many people have confirmed that it actually works, but still it’s better to be careful and I will surely update you all if I get any heads up.


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