Everyone deserves to feature as a star on their very own magazine cover! A Personalized Magazine Cover can be a cool, funny and unique gift to your beloved ones. And there are plenty of Websites out there which let you upload a pic and choose a magazine cover template and create a Fake Magazine Cover of your own on-the-fly. Some of them are Paid, but most of them are FREE!!


15 Websites to Create Fake Magazine Covers Online

1. Mag My Pic

2. Fake Magazine Cover

3. Fake Magazines

4. Write On It

5. On Cover Page

6. Maga Fake

7. Pimp Pic

8. Me On Mag

9. Paparazzied

10. My Picture on Magazine

11. Your Cover

12. Silly Webcam

13. Front Page You

14. My Cover Pics

15. Mock Magazine

16. MagoFun

Have I missed any other good website? Let me know.


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  • http://diggitlive.com Nithin

    Nice post. I will try this out.

    Nithins last blog post..How many Twitter friends are you following?

  • http://www.dollarshower.com/ Ajith Edassery

    Cool list man… I am going to try this out, my twitter homepage image needs some facelifting

    Ajith Edasserys last blog post..Thinking away from Making Money Online (for a change)

  • http://techpp.com Raju

    Thanks Nithin & Ajith :)

  • http://www.kimwoodbridge.com Kim Woodbridge

    This could be really fun – I haven’t tried any of them yet but if you could download the image you created it would be great for making birthday cards or party invitations.

    Kim Woodbridges last blog post..Eating and Drinking With WordPress Plugins

  • http://www.niharsworld.com/ Nihar

    Nice post dude. Will try creating fake cover with my photo :)

    Nihars last blog post..How to set CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock Keys On/Off using Windows Registry Tweak

  • Steve Yu

    Wow, you managed to compile 15 cool web apps that create fake magazines cover. I used only one of them before, mag my pic.

    Steve Yus last blog post..Create Free Disposable Chat Room with Tiny Chat

  • Holy Cow

    Super list, many magazine cover templates to play with :)

  • http://www.cropmom.com Kathryn

    CropMom, the free online scrapbooking Web site, now offers mock magazine covers, too!

  • http://84productions.blogspot.com Gagan

    huge list ! Thanks !!

  • http://learnenglishfromhome.blogspot.com/ leo

    Great stuff, I’ll have my cover in Time!

    leos last blog post..Babbel – Vocabulary and more!

  • http://www.mycoverpics.com dave

    Hi Raju, thanx for including http://www.mycoverpics.com in your list, I guess there are two mains types of fake magazine cover sites: 1) Those which use basic web technologies to add simple headlines to a single uploaded photo. 2) Those such as my site which rely on a ‘real human being’ with an eye for design to utilise the latest Photoshop software to bring together ideas and suggestions, additional photos, cut outs and tons of other good stuff to create truly realistic covers. Of course, you pays your money and makes your choice, but for a unique gift idea, I think everyone would agree that the second type of site would be the better choice. Take a look at my gallery at http://www.mycoverpics.com/gallery.html to see some examples.
    Anyway, thanks for creating the list, I’d place http://www.mycoverpics.com up top, but that’s just my view – lol :)



  • http://www.frontpageyou.co.uk/ Sal

    Ive Been Trying This Site for a Long Time
    But Nothing Happens When I CLICK Upload your Picture?
    Ive tried to Contact them But The EMAIL comes Back Undeliverable?

  • http://www.magofun.com Tom rick

    Well there is another site http://www.magofun.com which you should add in your list.

  • Chris

    You are missing a key one from your list:
    MagCover provides several features that makes it stand out from the above sites. It gives you full control of your creation, provides a nice tool from creating your magazine cover using a WYSIWYG approach.
    It also allows you to purchase various products from your mag cover for creating truly unique gifts!.
    MagCover also created iPhone applications for creating magazine covers from your iPhone.

    Check this out!

  • nikhil

    nice one!!

  • Sam

    Hi Raju,
    These sites are ok but I persoanlly like the ones at http://www.simplypersonalized.com/.

    You can have them framed etc.

    Have a look, they really are fab!


    All the best,


  • Danielle McCracken

    You missed mymagspread.com

    They let you create a full, 78-page magazine with your uploaded photos. Front cover, featured editorial, and center spread. Truly amazing!

  • helper

    Most of those sites dont work or is outdated, you should try and add http://www.trendymagz.com to the list with over 100 magazines to choose from

  • MadavaSadasivam

    another great site with daily updated fake magazine http://www.freefunphoto.com/ and much more they have

  • Mar

    Raju…. Any store in NY …maybe Times Square …where you can go into and they take a pic and do the magazine cover for you at a price?

  • PabloPicasso

    I was wondering why link to Fakemagazines.com is broken since I find this personalized magazine website is one of the best!