Jean-Baptiste Jung, who runs CatsWhoCode, a popular Blogging, Web design and web development website has come out with WpVote, a Digg like resource, but exclusively for WordPress alone. For a WordPress fanatic like me, this is an ultimate WordPress resource sharing website.


The above snapshot of WpVote shows one of the Technically Personal‘s WordPress related articles. WpVote is yet to catch up with other WordPress fanatics like me, but once it does, it will be a major resource sharing / digging website. I have already tasted some real good traffic through this website where I had submitted couple of my recent WordPress related articles.

The website itself is completely built on WordPress (with some changes to the core files works with a custom theme, custom functions and the TDO Mini Forms plugin) and requires the user to be registered and logged in (just like DIGG) to vote for a particular article. All the links submitted will provide a “doFollow” link back! Probably one thing which can be changed is to make the title of the post (in individual post pages) link to the original article, rather than to the WpVote itself.

I wish Jean and his baby site all the success it rightfully deserves. Happy Voting!!

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