The browser war is surely getting heated up more than ever. Mozilla Firefox, whose stable release is currently 3.0.7, is known to be working on its latest version in the past few months – code named Shiretoko. This was marketed as version 3.1 till recently, but there were rumors that Mozilla might actually consider renaming this version to 3.5 since lots and lots of new features are being added and many bugs are being fixed. The rumors have been proved true. So, there won’t be any 3.1 releases from now on, it will be Firefox 3.5!

Major Features of Firefox 3.5:

* Support for HTML 5 and tags.
* Improved support for CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 properties introduced with Gecko 1.9.1.
* Performance and stability improvements in the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine. It is a lot faster now but still scores 93/100 in Acid3 tests.
* The Private (or Porn) browsing mode has some minor tweaks to add even more privacy.
* Slight changes to the user interface (The add new Tab button is moved yet again).

Firefox is vying with Apple’s Safari 4 beta and Google’s Chrome for the best JavaScript performance, a factor that’s important for the new generation of sophisticated Web sites such as Google Docs and or Facebook applications. So far, Internet Explorer has the dominant market share, with Firefox in second place. Surprisingly, some reports suggest IE 8 beta may prove to be the fastest browser!

Anyway, for now you can get a hands-on the latest build of Mozilla Firefox 3.5 here, but remember that it may have stability issues so proceed with caution.

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5b3

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