Many of us recognize poor quality of service of our PCs by the response time and reaction of applications. Someone like me will be running Firefox with 15 to 20 tabs open and in parallel will be trying to watch the Live Streaming of some favorite TV shows on Internet Explorer! ! To improve PC performance and meet the real-time demands of the PC user, Reimage PC booster tracks the user’s current actions, slows down the non-required actions, and allocates extra CPU, disk, and networking resources to meet their immediate need and improve quality of service.


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How PC Booster works

  • It knows which program you use right now and runs it faster
  • It finds the programs you never use and slows them down
  • Compatible with all Windows Operating Systems
  • It’s all about priority. Get the speed you need when you really need it!

The average noticeable boost is found to be a 50% performance improvement. The PC Booster comes with a free 72 hour trial and other options for online PC repair.

Reimage fixes the Windows errors, BSOD, damaged DLL files, frozen PC, PC damaged from a virus and can also help you with OS recovery. It is important to know that Reimage doesn’t fix third party programs, hardware related issues and of-course protection against virus/malware. It is known to work perfectly fine with antivirus software.


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