During January 2009, when the second version of the deadly Conficker (or Downadup) worm was making rounds, I had written a post on How to fix Downadup worm? It involved applying a specific patch from Microsoft and making sure the security updates are up-to-date. But yesterday, one of the readers of TechPP, Mr. Steve raised a valid question – “This virus blocks Microsoft site so how do you propose everyone go and get the fix if they are infected?” This question is addressed through this post.

A number of antivirus software vendors, including Symantec, F-Secure and BitDefender, are now offering a dedicated tool to remove the Conficker worm. The programs do not require installation of any anti-virus solution. Since the programs are small they can also be run from a USB drive on an infected system.

Important thing to note here is, not all of the anti-virus manufacturers confirm which versions of the Conficker worm their program removes, nor do they guarantee that it will be completely eliminated. But if you are not able to restore from a backup of your system, or perform a complete system restore, these tools should work to remove the Conficker worm and help close any back doors that may have been left open by it.

Tools to Detect and Remove Conficker worm

  1. BitDefender Downadup Removal tool
  2. Avert Stinger Standalone tool
  3. F-Secure Worm:W32/Downadup.AL Removal Tool
  4. Symantec W32.Downadup Removal Tool
  5. Enigma Conficker Worm Removal tool
  6. Sophos Conficker Removal Tool
  7. AhnLabs Conficker Removal Tool
  8. ESET

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