Many of the schools, colleges and offices block their students/workers from accessing social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Myspace etc. One of the most widely used methods to access blocked websites is to use Proxies or Anonymizer websites. But using proxies is not easy and most of the times only the network admins will have access to it, and almost all the anonymizer sites gets blocked by firewall as well. So what is the way out to access blocked websites?

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Here is the big disclaimer: If it is blocked, it means that you are not supposed to access the Website. Especially at work, if you use one of the methods listed here and get caught, you might lose your job!

8 Alternative but Innovative Ways to Access Blocked Sites


Screen Resolution Checker is actually meant to check how a website looks in different resolutions. It works only on Internet Explorer, but surely a cool alternative way to access blocked sites. You can click on the internal links and navigate through the website.



Browser Shots is similar to Screen resolution checker, but doesn’t support navigation through the website. It gives the static snapshots of the website URL you request for, but can be useful to access those blocked websites which doesn’t need you to login to access the content. The snapshots given are of very high quality and it would be of the whole page from header to footer.

3. Google Cache

Search engines like Google and Yahoo cache webpages and these cached pages are stored in search engines themselves, which likely will be added to the blocked list. Click on the ‘cache’ will bring you to a cache version of the page, as updated as how Google caches it. I have seen many admins blocking the URL of Google cache itself, in that case try yahoo or other search engines, they must work!

4. Online Translation Services

Online translation services like Yahoo BabelFish, Google Translate etc allows you to translate a website from one language to another and display the translated results on their own page.The trick here is to enter the URL (website you’re blocked), re-translate it even if you don’t need to and let Google or Yahoo fetch you the content! And again, if Yahoo and Google Translate are blocked, you can search for other alternatives!


5. Retrieve web pages via Email

Web2Mail is a free service that sends websites you want to read right into your inbox. All you need to do is send an email to with the URL as subject title. You can also try WebinMail

Update: The service is not active anymore.

6. Google mobile Cache

Use Google Mobile Search. Google display the normal HTML pages as if you are viewing them on a mobile phone. During the translation, Google removes the javascript content and CSS scripts and breaks a longer page into several smaller pages.

7. Subscribe to RSS Feed

This might not work for all sites, but if the site you intended to visit provides RSS feeds, you can subscribe and read it with a RSS reader, or have it regularly send the contents to your email.

8. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a internet service that periodically keeps a copy of almost all websites in the Internet way from the date they’re started. Clicking on the latest copy of what Wayback Machine have should be somewhat similar to the real site. Another way to access blocked sites via caches. Not helpful always.


9. Yauba

Yauba is tipped to be the World’s first Privacy Safe search engine. Yauba basically delinks your browser and the target website and routes all traffic through their servers. Thanks Hanson for the heads up.

Do you know any other innovative and effective way to access blocked websites? Do you still prefer to use proxies?

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  • Hanson

    Raju, I am surprised you have not included in this list, the best method for accessing blocked sites: Yauba.

    Yauba was front page news on Alootechie and featured in Livemint

  • Danh ba web 2.0

    Great list. Thanks for share !

    Danh ba web 2.0s last blog post..16 Wallpaper tuyệt đẹp của Apple

  • Ajith Edassery

    Raju, that’s some good innovative use of these websites/services :) I have used almost all of them but only for their actual intended purposes. Did not really think about the blocked usage angle.

    Ajith Edasserys last blog post..Characteristics of a Super Friendly Blog!

  • Raju

    Thanks for letting me know

    Thanks :)

    I am very sure there will be many more such services, we just need to dig out!

  • Kurt Avish

    Nice and useful list :-)

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  • Carokann

    Really innovative! I could only come up with proxy, google cash and translate before reading this. BTW, many of the filters identifies the cash and translate method.

    Carokanns last blog post..Machine Translation, an experiment – a poll

  • Carokann

    I meant cache of course :-)

    Carokanns last blog post..Machine Translation, an experiment – a poll

    • Raju

      Thanks & Welcome to TechPP. Professional Paid software blocks Google cache and translate, but those manually blocking websites would miss them out!

  • binaryday

    I had published a list of 900 proxy sites on my blog few days back. Just do a search for proxy sites in binaryday. You will definitely get a useful proxy site.

    I have also created a proxy site myself. Check it out at

  • elmot

    social networking sites and blogging platforms are blocked by our school’s network administrator. could i use these stuffs?

    • Raju

      Yes… especially the first and the last options are ideal for you

  • Harsh Agrawal

    @ Hanson

    This is the post for innovative ways of unblocking websites…not the actual ways..
    Else we have some cool softwares like
    Your-freedom, Ultra surf, Your freedom and jap and many more….
    This is a nice post..You should have asked some active Digger to submit this post….
    I love this post..

  • Nihar


    I tried lot of sites including all of them. Nothing worked but the i very happy to say that 9th one worked. Thank you very much!

    Nihars last blog post..Easeus Partition Manager 3.0 Review

    • Raju

      I am surprised. Where did you try? I can’t believe they have blocked the first 2 sites as well. Must be using really sophisticated software

  • Imran leghari

    Hi guys,
    I use warid pakistan mobile gprs.I can access free only one company’s web sites without balance but I can’t access to other web sites.Is there any way to hack the network to access all web sites?

  • kid kuddi

    how do u unblock myspace at school

  • Nishant Soni

    Yauba is a nice service and works just fine.


  • Anelly

    I must admit i have never heard of some of these techniques. I’m using an application to access blocked website because it’s very easy to use and works very well. Has some dedicated proxies from US and Europe which are not slowing down my internet connection.


    All the innovative ways above don’t work for ME.


    I am a member in my company LAN with proxy use filtering software.

  • ChunGe

    Thank u so much!

  • Jennifer

    OMG, I have been searching for this information. Technology always gets the best of me when I need it most.

  • Asad

    Raju .. at my workplace the have blocked all the websites which fall in the category games .. Now I have tried all the 8 mentioned ways of accessing them but sadly none of them works at my place .. wats the solution man ?

    • Raju

      As I mention always, probability of any of these working is inversely proportional to the smartness of your network admin! Look for other related posts – URL filtering, mobile simulators etc which I have written recently.

  • Rocky

    GO TO

  • BillS

    Another approach is to try It pops another web browser behind the firewall on the open internet to allow open surfing. It’s a pay for site, though, so some of these other options might be better .

  • Alizaland

    Dear Raju

    in my work place the websen software is instaled and we dont have access to many sites, do u have any solution for it?



  • Cherry Brandy

    this is really cool. now can you assist in helping with passwords?

  • Rajshekar Reddy

    I can use any of the above mentioned methods but the thing is, screenshots of the visited websites will also be captured by the software(currentwire or currentware) installed in our office..How can I get rid of that..

  • Michael M

    Nice post. is something nice but is really slow to use for browsing.

    Youba is down (maybe closed/for sale) but you can use which will fetch any website that is blocked for you . Its fast too.
    Hope you add it in your Methods.


  • VPN Account

    Great suggestions! Thanks a lot for your job!

  • Dong

    These are all great hacks, but the most convenient way is by far a VPN service. You connect to it and then just surf normally all websites.

  • Jennifer

    I think the easiest way to get past all these blocks is to buy a VPN service. I live in Shanghai and I got tired of Google cache and proxy switching so I just bought a VPN Account. It`s not so expensive either.

  • loebpaul

    This is a great article. For Windows users, I also recommend the program StopDistractions. Check it out:

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