2 days back when I shared the direct download links of iPhone 3.0 firmware I had warned to wait for the detailed procedure to upgrade before you go ahead with the firmware upgrade. As promised, here is the tutorial on how to upgrade your iPhone/iPod to firmware 3.0 beta.

Before we begin, let me warn you that it is an advanced level hack so please proceed ONLY if you have a clean understanding of what you are doing. I strongly recommend users with unlocked iPhones to wait till the iPhone Dev team releases a patch for the new firmware. Following procedure is applicable for those with a AT&T locked iPhone and all iPod Touch users.


Installing iPhone 3.0 firmware on iPhone 2g/3g

  1. Make sure to have downloaded the iPhone 3.0 beta firmware that relates to your iPhone (2G or 3G).
  2. Extract the firmware IPSW to a folder.
  3. Connect the iPhone to your computer.
  4. Get the UDID registered on the iPhone Developer program.
  5. Open iTunes and click Restore while holding the Shift key (for Windows) or Option key (for Mac).
  6. Locate or browse to the firmware IPSW.
  7. Wait for iTunes to unpackage and install the firmware.

In order to know how to activate UDID, head over to Sizlopedia, where Saad explains the step-by-step procedure.

WARNING: Attempting to do this upgrade on a unlocked iPhone can make it useless forever. Even the AT&T locked iPhone users will need to get their UDID registered before trying to upgrade.

Installing iPhone 3.0 firmware on iPod Touch

iPod Touch users are pretty safe in this case as there is no question of baseband like iPhone but their is still a catch which I shall be mentioning further below.

  1. Once the firmware has been downloaded, extract the IPSW to a folder.
  2. Connect the iPod Touch to your computer.
  3. Get the UDID registered on the iPhone Developer program. (How to?)
  4. Make sure to disconnect from Internet such that iTunes cannot communicate with the web.
  5. Only then, open iTunes and click Restore while holding the Shift key (for Windows) or Option key (for Mac).
  6. Locate or browse to the firmware IPSW.
  7. Wait for iTunes to unpackage and install the firmware.

Note: Step-3 is optional for iPod Touch users but in case you decide not to get your UDID registered, you won’t be able to Sync with iTunes. The upgrade method is valid for both iPod Touch 1st Gen and 2nd Gen.

I again repeat – after upgrading to iPhone 3.0 beta, you might not be able to downgrade to firmware 2.2.1 later on so it is always a good choice to wait for the official release which is due in summer. iPod Touch users are always safe but I have already clearly warned the iPhone users to proceed at their own risk.


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25 thoughts on “[How to] Upgrade Your iPhone/iPod to iPhone 3.0 Beta

  1. I’m downloading the firmware right now, I’m not going to register my id either. So I’ll check back in later and talk about how everything went with it.

  2. Back… also, I can sync to my ipod! Worked fine, except the whole time (as the guide suggests) I disconnected the wifi on my laptop. The only thing (non-firmware related) is that the backup of ipod didn’t fully save, even though it said. And none of my apps got transferred. But I checked the file after I got done updating and it turns out the apps never got saved. =( Oh well, most of them were free anyways.

  3. I take that back. There is ALOT of problems with the OS… It is EXTREMELY slow. You can only sinc when disconnected from the internet. And the appstore doesn’t work. I’m downgrading.

  4. I have it downloaded and sitting on my desktop i’m just wondering if you can restore it to 2.2.1 because if theres bugs or somthin im screwed.

    so is there a way i can get 2.2.1 back on it for free?

  5. actually so everyone knows it will not ruin your phone forever. the iphone can be put into recovery mode then dfu mode then can be restore via itunes. this personally happened to me so i know but to save the headache register the uid or wait until the every changing date of the release.

  6. So I updated my iPhone 3g to the 3.0 software. I didn’t get my UDID before and now my phone is useless, I found a site where you could go into your user and find your ID but I had just recently updated my windows to a new OS and did a clean install. Any hope left?

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