Some time back I had reviewed an OS X style dock for Windows called RocketDock. RocketDock is probably the most popular and most recommended Application Launcher for Windows right now. But, there is a new kid on the block – XWindows Dock which has some super cool features, more than enough to compete with hugely successful RockDock.


Before we start praising the features of XWindows Dock, I must warn you that it does NOT support “Drag and drop” feature. This is not a big deal for someone like me who hardly ever changes the desktop icons, but still I hope the author comes up with a fix soon!


XWindows Dock Features

  • Option to customize the opacity and blurness of reflections.
  • Allows transparent PNG icons
  • Use or create your own skins for 2D or 3D dock
  • Shows indicators of running applications.
  • Advanced minimization of windows including speed of minimization.
  • Icon size, transition effects, transparency, zoom level, reflections, shadows, and much more can be precisely tweaked

Unlike RocketDock, XWindows Dock sits at the bottom of the screen, and it is highly customizable.

Download XWindows Dock for Windows

XWindows Dock Homepage


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