Conficker worm whose latest variant – Conficker.c was branded as April Fool worm. April 1 has come and gone without Conficker worm causing huge havoc as predicted, but still there were reports of 5 major banking networks going down due to this deadly worm.

2 months back when the second variant of Conficker/Downadup was making rounds, I had written a post on “How to be Sure Your PC is Not Infected with Downadup/Conficker Worm?“. Now, there is a simpler way to check and be sure if your PC is infected with Conficker.


Conficker Eye Chart can diagnose if your computer may be infected with the widespread worm with ease. The site is simple but brilliant. As we know, Conficker blocks access to some 100 security web sites, and the eye chart displays images from several of those sites. If your browser loads with the right configuration of dead images, then there’s a very good chance you’re computer’s infected—meaning it’s time you rid your self of the Conficker worm.

I just made sure my PC is safe and secured. Did you?

Image Credits: Lifehacker

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