GMail Labs has added another tool to its ever-growing repertoire of features. But this time it is not something which would impress many. It is called ‘Sender time zone’, a feature that allows users to quickly tell if their contact is likely awake or sound asleep, based on the time zone their Emails are being sent from.


Basically, this is achieved by using the time zone data often included in Email headers. A green light will be shown for contacts that are probably awake and a red one for those that are asleep. I do not consider this as something breath-taking or even remotely useful. Gone are the days when people slept before 12am and woke up before 7am. Guessing if they are awake purely on basis of the timezone details is plain stupid. But someone like TechCrunch, who off-late are writing one senseless post after another, has termed this feature as something which makes Gmail better!

How many times you get a call from a client in a foreign country late in the night? How many times would someone call you seeing the green or red light against your name in GMail contact list? Well, personally i would give this a pass, but in case if anyone of you feel this is useful enough to be enabled, do let me know, would love to know the other point of views as well.

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