Stan Schroeder from Mashable published an article yesterday saying Google has become a Torrent search engine.

“….is that the entertainment industry is suing something that’s not much different from a search engine. Using Google’s Custom Search Engine, someone has created a Google based torrent search engine”


He then goes on to say

Is Google, then, the next in line to be sued for copyright infringement, or assisting in making copyright content available? If it weren’t too big to be sued, it probably would be.

I have no issues in supporting Pirate bay and other similar sites. But why bring in Google and link it with piracy? Comparing Torrent Search engines like Pirate Bay and mininova with Google is atrocious. Pirate Bay and Mininova does nothing but collect all the trackers / torrents and index them. In addition to indexing, they have their own trackers which people use to download illegal content. But what is Google doing? They just index all the pages on the internet regardless of what those pages contain.


I am a fan of Mashable, but I expect them to write sensibly rather than creating articles with sensational headlines. Being a leading Technology blog, they can manipulate people’s opinions very fast. Many might think that Google must be sued as well, but then that defeats the ideology of Free and fair Internet.

Over to You

I would love to know what you think of it? Is Google same as Pirate Bay? Does Google deserve to be sued as well? At the first place, did Pirate Bay got a fair trial?

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