Internet Privacy has become one of the hottest topics around the web. Here at, you must have seen hell lot of articles dealing with Online Privacy. And today, yet again I would be discussing about Browser Privacy and other related stuff.

Some of us install Internet Security software like PC Tools Privacy Guardian to protect our systems against various attacks including the privacy breaches. But how many people understand or atleast care to understand Internet privacy issues? Here is where START PANIC pitches in.

Start Panic tries to raise public awareness for Internet privacy issues on their website. They have implemented a script that will gather information about previously used websites from the user’s web browser. The script works on almost all major browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.


I Clear the Web Browser History frequently, hence I am safe

How many of you agreed with me? I was partially wrong. Start Panic script can actually collect information even if the user clears his web browser’s history, cookies and cache regularly. This is because, the current browsing session is recorded normally in all web browsers which usually have options to automatically clear these traces on exit only.

To understand more, go to their website and click on Let’s Start button. It can take a minute or two before the results are displayed. The list should contain the list of websites that you have visited in this browsing session. It might contain more websites if you are someone who don’t delete the history regularly.

The script is not something amazing but the concept and the idea behind this campaign interested me. Internet Privacy is a sensitive yet important issue and everyone needs to address it together.

What you say? Is Internet Privacy just a hype or its a genuine concern? How often do you clear your web history/cache?

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