RSS feeds have become extremely popular over the past couple of years. Previously it was blogs which popularized RSS feeds, but now all major News websites, social networking websites and even forums have started providing RSS feeds. For many people RSS feed readers like Google Reader, Netvibe etc have become convenient ways of getting the latest news at one place. Hence I find it annoying when some websites that offer constantly updated content in a β€œfeed-friendly” format, but neglect to offer this option, either deliberately or just being lethargic.


In addition to that, some websites do not offer multiple RSS feeds for each category/author. Technically Personal is one of them. Initially I had disabled multiple feeds for some stupid reason, but now I do not remember how I made that change. This is where some free online services come to the rescue. They allow anyone to create an RSS feed of any website. Some are very simple while others are more advanced, so depending on your level of expertise, you are sure to find a tool that can help you get the custom RSS feed you are seeking.

Note: If you like to get the latest updates from, you can either subscribe to the RSS feed or get a consolidated list of all posts in one mail everyday in your inbox.

Top 10 Free Tools to Create RSS for any website

1. Feedity


Feedity is a simple online tool to create RSS feed for any webpage. In addition to the automatically generated feeds, you can add a small level of refining like adding a Start and End block, to notify the service where each post starts and ends. If you wish to, you can upgrade to premium account where advance features like data integration, RSS feed merging etc are provided.

2. Feed43


Feed43 engine converts free-form HTML or XML documents to valid RSS feeds by extracting snippets of text or HTML. This service is not simple like Feedity, but if you want complete control over your generated feed, this is a great tool.

3. FeedYes


With FeedYes, you can generate feeds for any website or specific page, you can syndicate those feeds and put the headlines on your own website. All you have to do is, give the URL of the page you wish to transform and a tag. Truly a great tool for beginners.

4. WebRSS


With WebRSS, you can Create, Market and Track RSS Feeds for FREE! Also, you will be able to host any RSS Feed on your personalized start page for FREE! You can also Ping your feed to the major ping servers for free if you wish to!

5. PonyFish


Its a simple web-based tool that allows you to create your own RSS feeds from almost any web page, probably the easiest service around. All you have to do is simply point Ponyfish to the web page you want to create a feed from, then follow a few steps to setup which types of links you want to include in the feed.

6. Dapper


Dapper allows anyone to create Widgets that track the content of any website. This can also be used to track the RSS feeds of sites that do not offer one. In terms of features, Dapper has the most detailed and extensive options, so make sure you read their tutorials.

7. FeedMarklet


Feedmarklet gives you your own RSS feed instantly, with no sign up required, probably the simplest and the easiest to use, but it requires manual updating of the feed that you generate. Using a bookmarklet button in the browser bookmark bar, users can easily add any page to the feed quickly. It won’t scrape content but makes it easy to add your own.

8. Page2RSS


Page2RSS is a simple service that helps you monitor web sites that do not publish feeds. It will check any web page for updates and deliver them to your favorite RSS aggregator. It offers a bookmark toolbar button that provides a quick way to generate a feed while visiting any website.

9. FeedBeater


Possibly the simplest interface, where you just plug the web site URL in, and let the web site take care of the rest of the conversion. You can turn any URL into an RSS feed or email alert with FeedBeater

10. FeedFire


You simply register at FeedFire, input the URL of the page and FeedFire does the rest for you in the fraction of a second. All that’s needed is a FULL URL to the page you would like to have made into RSS. All bandwidth costs to host the new RSS feeds are absorbed by FeedFire.

I hope one of these tools help you in creating your own RSS feed. Do bookmark the post if you like it.

Image Credits: irextechnologies


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


  • Nihar


    Great.. Thanks for sharing these tools…

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  • himanshu

    Thanks for the info, can you tell me amongst these tools which one is the best tool for creating RSS?? i personally use feedburner

    • Raju

      If you are on WordPress, no need to think about RSS publishing. The article was about creating RSS feeds for websites which do not offer RSS feeds. I like Feedity the most

  • Salwa

    Thanks for the info. I personally use feedburner, and never had any problem with it.

    Salwas last blog post..Why Would You Want to Give Something Away Free on your blog?

    • Raju

      You cannot “create” RSS feeds of other sites with Feedburner. It is more of a tool for web-admin. This post is about services which offer RSS creation for “other sites” which don’t offer RSS by default.

  • Rockstar Sid

    There’s a advantage in using such service for gaining backlinks, I have used only Feedity and failed to find similar service πŸ˜€ But thanks to you, I have 9 more service that needs to be used πŸ˜€

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  • Personal Development

    my blog is in wordpress and i use feedburner. I hope this will sm it up for my site? right? Atleast i understood these from the comments.

  • Joan Mathers

    Thanks for the list. feed43 seems to be broken right now. page2RSS and FeedBeater worked well for me!

  • buzzknow

    usually i use rocketrss .. but now you give me a lot of option and better service πŸ˜€

    thanks a lot :)

  • Kevin Lowe

    Can anyone point me to a good reference for how to create a website that has the right ‘markers’ to create feeds from? I’d like to create an articles page for my company that I can ‘scrape’ to create an RSS feed for syndication within the company. I need both advice on how to properly create the articles, and a good feed creator that doesn’t require me to be outside a firewall…

    Any help greatly appreciated!


  • CoreBody

    How can I make an rss for my hub page?

  • JB is probably worth adding to this list. Works pretty well.

  • Gavin

    A slight variation… allows you to create RSS feeds to monitor FTP directories for file updates. This RSS feed can be consumed in your favourite RSS reader.

  • Paul McFadden

    Hey, Ive been using a free trial of an RSS creator to produce an iTunes Podcast… do you know which applications there are for free which would give me the functionality to continue updating?

  • Suzanne

    I stumble across your blog from time to time thru google searches. I find you to have very good content. I have a Xenforo forum. It has many rss feeds for different categories. I’d like to convert them all to feedburner, but I don’t see any where to explicitly do this on my Xenforo admin. Do you have any suggestions.

  • Anand

    This is very good article. RSS really helps to increase the traffic to our urls but many of us dont know how to get an RSS even me. Now I am able to create rss for my site. Thanks for this information.

  • tom2

    You can pull the RSS content into email newsletters w Contactology or Mailchimp RSS to email builders. Use a recurring sender to send the emails automatically. There’s no pressure to produce all the content yourself, you can pull content from multiple blogs or websites and “curate”, rather than create.

  • Rachel

    ere’s the thing: I don’t know people are lying by implying that feedburner gives you an RSS, it only abggregates your RSS. I know top know who will host my rss fee for free? You have my email contact me with information.

  • sahil saini

    thanks! its really helpful sir, thanks to share with us.

  • tekinsol

    I have heard feedburner is a good feed creator

  • webmaster

    Eight out of these ten links do not work. You should consider your online reputation.

  • Ia Iaudience

    Thanks for sharing this. I just check all these services… UI just want to let you know that last 2 services are closed. Links are broken. Cheers! Danijel

  • James Gubbins

    For those complaining that the links don’t work – they all used too – look at the publishing date before you criticize (April 27, 2009) – do you really expect the web not to be in constant flux? APIs change and the web evolves ladies and gentlemen – instead of complaining that stuff doesn’t work or that the author should worry about his reputation, why not give suggestions of things that could take their place? Thanks Raju PP for sharing and “archiving” his great information!

  • Chimpanzee

    On the offchance that the author is still monitoring comments on this old post, Feedity no longer offers a free service. I’ve been having success with Feed43 instead.

    • USACE Omaha District

      I’ve attempted Feed43 but when results are coded into odd and even table rows, and div s are used I’m struggling with the {%} and repeats. Dapper isn’t very predictable but I was having luck with their site earlier this year.

  • Mojtaba

    This sites are outdated.

    • GUGUG


  • anijohn

    All the tools for RSS feed are awesome but on of them is expired . please updates the list

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  • hariesdesign

    thanks for sharing, this is great information

  • sultanofseo

    Shame that Dapper is gone now :(

  • Manny Cepeda

    I have a calendar for my fans and I want to create an rss feed, I need some examples of what a calendar would look like. I have date, time, event, location and links. How do I put that into an rss time 10 or 20 events per month?

  • Rahul Patel

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  • AlexZC

    NOTICE: FeedBeater, FeedMarklet, Dapper and FeedFire are NO LONGER EXISTING… Please update your page so people don’t have to waste their time going to dead links!