No, they aren’t animated characters. They are human beings who were made to wear body suits. To be specific, they are women theater artists from Mumbai Cape Town. The design of the characters is such that one gets fooled into thinking it is animation.

This was achieved using special material wrinkle free cloth which made the body suites look smooth (like in animation) and the ads were shot at slower than normal frame rate so that the movements look swift but funny. You can also notice that the expressions on the face are static and are changed only between the (shot) cuts.

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These Zoozoo characters have been created by O&M for Vodafone to convey different value added services offered by the mobile phone company including phone Backup, cricket alerts, etc. Each Zoozoo character has a unique set of characteristics and traits allotted to it.

Download Zoozoo Wallpapers

Vodafone Zoozoo Characters Screensaver

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View all Vodafone zoozoo ads on TV for IPL 2009


or watch this ALL-in-ONE video


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93 thoughts on “Zoozoo Wallpapers + Videos + Secret Behind Zoozoo Characters

    • @Harsh,
      ya, even I was shocked to know that they are real humans! and the concept is completely Indian (which makes it even more special)

  1. Hey Iwas thinking tat it was animated cartoons but when i cam to knw tat thy r humanbeing still cnt b’lieve it cos they look so chweeeeeet ans so cute iam really liking to see them

  2. i just love this adds alot.when they laugh everybody has a great smile on d face.i love d zoo-zoo.n the atire they r dressed is superb

  3. oh! my god by seeing this characters on tv i become fond of it.
    After knowing that it is not animated ,it is human acted…..i was shocked n so i am now the fan of it..it is example of great piece of mind

  4. One of the best cartoon character in recent times. Undoubtedly, Zoozoo has fanfollowers far above par and surely they deserve it as no one can imagine that they are actually the humanbeings.
    Hats off to the creator of Zoo. U surely rock…….Hoping to see many more varieties of Zoozoo Vodafone ads in future.
    All the very best:)

  5. I have seen ZOOZOO type commercials for the first time and thrilled of it.
    hats of to Vodafone for its innovative adds.

  6. Earlier I was thinking that zoo zoo’s are the computer animated characters but no one can imagine that they are actually the humanbeings……
    Zoo zoo’s are the best cartoon character in recent days. Undoubtedly, Zoozoo has huge fan following all over nation……
    Hats off to the creator of Zoo zoo. U people are great…..All the very best for future 🙂

  7. m a big fan of zoozoo, i jst luvd it, its maks us smile i alwz watch all adds of it…
    thanz 4 makin such character…

  8. Oh! i love this zoozoos!!
    earlier i watch cricket because i love cricket but
    now I watch IPL Matches just because of ZOOZOOS Advts..
    I deptly waited for zoozoos..
    I really love this……

  9. Wow,really Zoo zoo are amazing and very cute,it is the best cartoon character I have ever seen.And the way they are presented is best.
    Cool Zoo zoo !! Beautiful Zoo zoo.

  10. i simply love zoo zoo …seriously vodaphone keep it up ! you guys dnt really need celebrities …to market vodaphone …keep the good work goin ..cheers

  11. Guys just download the making of zoozoo videos in zedge.com or watch it on you tube, its fantastic, really a great job by the vodafone guys, fooled everyone by the way it looks just like animation!, guys we just love these characters,


  13. Awesome work !! Indian commercials are far ahead of those in USA.
    Americans should learn something from indian commercial makers. Everyday we see lots of commercials on USA’s national tv which are vague and meaningless. Pitty on them

  14. wow the characters were so funny n i was shocked to know that they were real humans….. great job…. loved it very much……

  15. wow the characters were so funny n i was shocked to know that they were real humans….. great job…. loved it very much……

  16. yaar vodafone keep it up for creating such a beautiful cuteeeeee
    lovable cartoon character i wanna see these but i know its not possible
    i wanna kiss them
    wanna grlfrnd of this type

  17. i m a big fan of these zoozoos ads
    when i came to know abt d fact of these ads that there r not animated
    but d whole ads are prepared by human beings
    its completly unbeleavable
    i think vodafone co. have to show these ads everyday & also
    have 2 keep it up to creat different ads with such beautiful, lovale & cute
    actually i loved that 2much
    i have shown that humanbeings with zoozoo mask on final match
    so creat more ads

  18. ossam man what a animation…… wonderfulll


  19. I really do not that zoozoo is a humanbeing and it is the great animation act.I really like him.I wait when it will come back

  20. ohh my god..these ZOOzoo r realy amazing..nd work behind thm z quite attractive..gud work done by the crew…gudluk..nd awsume sexy work done

  21. E1 i was very much shockd and was surprised to believe wen i heard dat the lovely ZOOZOOs were humans……it really makes me very happy wen i see them and i really love dem….!!!!!!!

  22. i love ZooZoo. i wasnt knowing dat zoozoo is humenbeing . anyway i love them, i always keep waiting to see them i wait for advertisements can u imagine!!!!!!!! n i m vodafone user very loyal user. i feel u should also start some ZooZoo soft toys m wating for those…. then even i can also hav ZooZoo at my home i can hug him ,kiss him n even i can preserve it as a beautifll memory. thank you Vodafone thanx for ZooZoo n ya that dog too ha coz i love your dog n his advertisements too.


  23. hey mallu invented our ZOOZOO…hip hip hurray…….i love zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooozooooooooooo
    in first adv tey says”kappayum meenum kappyum meenum…heheeheheh”

  24. these cuuuuuuuutttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss r awsome, even more dashing n swwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt than filmstars…………. realllllllyyyyyyyyyy ………….. m luvin it….. mmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh wondddddderrrrfulll creativity ……….

  25. I just love to watch the Zoozoos. They are really superb. I was really surprised when i came to know that the zoozoos are the real Human beings.
    But i really enjoy watching this. This is the wonderful way of advertisement.
    LOVE YOU ZOOZOOS…………………….

  26. this is a my frt add zindagi me aisa aisa logic kisiko nahi aya honga bahut accha karre ho ap lageraho thanks creative team and vodafone

  27. Hei i was relly stnd to know tat zoozoos r humans not animated…,they look so cute ,am really a gr8 fan of it….

  28. the idea of creating zoozoos is very creative. we r very much impressed with this idea. zoozoos create a lot of fun, & also provide information to the customers regarding vodafone schemes. this is very intelligently done whosoever created this idea…….

  29. I nvr has been seen be4 lyk dis kind of gr8 ads which done by zoo zoo n vodafone people, realy dey r gr8 human beings…luv u alot vodafone muh muh muh muh muh my deep kisses 4 zoo zoo

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