First thing first – I am no big fan of the Thesis WordPress theme. But that doesn’t mean I reject Thesis as one of the best themes around.

It’s been more than an year since I started using WordPress blog publishing platform and I believe it’s the best thing to have happened for the blogging world. There has been a lot of discussion happening about how ethical it is to have Premium WordPress Themes. But then, it is left to the choice of the individual to either buy the theme or look for a Free alternative.


Here is where I have problems with Thesis. Go to Google and search for ‘Thesis WordPress Theme Review‘ and go through each review article and you will find every review will have the affiliate link embedded multiple times (either cloaked or uncloaked)!

Yes! You get paid for selling Thesis WordPress theme and most of the people who review Thesis use it as a mean to make money.

Few days back Brian Clark, the co-founder of DIYThemes, published a post on his blog – “what’s the big deal about the thesis theme for WordPress anyway?” where he gave the example of all the bloggers that are using this ever so famous theme. He can surely brag about this fact that Thesis has turned out to be one of the most popular WordPress themes ever and is now $2 million business.

Mayank, who is a popular WordPress theme designer has this to say in his recent article

… there are few things that are just over hyped with Thesis theme and then there are two famous names associated with it. Thesis theme is a very good theme, however is it good enough to be called a framework?…

He goes to say –

I recently spoke to one of my friend (I will not mention the name here), who recently purchased Thesis theme and was going bonkers over all of its positives and that how many options it gave to him. Then I showed the options page of Atahualpa theme to him and the very next moment he felt cheated.

It is not just Atahualpa theme, have a look at the options page of ISOTherm News Magazine theme which is incidentally a FREE WordPress magazine based theme.


Again, I would like to clarify that Thesis is a beautifully designed theme with clean code, good SEO and typography and has a HUGE brand value associated with it. This huge brand value is due to the efforts of Chris Pearson and Brian Clark in marketing Thesis in a way no one else had done anytime before.

Thesis might be worth every penny you pay ($87 for single user license and $164 for a developer license), since you can write your own review praising it and cloaking your affiliate links in-between and get back more than what you had paid for!

Update: Just to make it clear – I am not suggesting that the free themes mentioned above to be better than Thesis or as an alternative to Thesis. These free themes do not have everything which Thesis offer, but in individual aspects (like tweaking options, admin panel etc) they match up (or sometime better) Thesis.

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