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It is not sufficient, if you have PC with latest processor, high capacity RAM and advanced 3D Graphic Card to play latest games in your PC as by default some background services and applications does eat lot of CPU resources and memory which may not yield you better gaming experience.

What you have to do is optimize your pc for better gaming experience – that is allocate all resources to only latest PC games you want to play, which gives thrilling gaming experience. Is it possible?

Yes it is possible with Game Booster which is also a freeware.

So with Game Booster with one click you can switch to Gaming Mode where all unneeded background services and applications will be turned off. When you come to normal mode they will be back to the normal state.

1. Download Game Booster, save to your hard drive and install it and run it in your PC.

2.It will show the background services that are running by windows in detail. When you are ready to play your favorite (latest) PC game, click switch to Gaming Mode. It will show the list of programs and services that are running currently. You can close them without any problems. You have the flexibility to select check all or select any particular program you want to close or you can skip this also to proceed for gaming.



3. You will see game booster stopping these services. You can also see the amount of memory freed and released.


4. When you are in gaming mode, game booster will not be closed, so that if you click back to normal mode after completing the game, all the services that were stopped will start running as your PC comes back to normal state.


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