It is no secret that I am a big fan of Uncle Google. But this is heights. Its been almost 2 years now since Google acquired Feedburner and the customers have been facing one issue after another since then. This is contrary to what many had assumed when Google bought Feedburner.

Feedburner Issue – Subscriber count suddenly drops


Feedburner has been facing some glitches but the most important one of them all is the sudden drop in subscriber count. Earlier only the widgets were having this issue, and I had even suggested a simple work-around to save from the embarrassment. But then, the issue has gone from bad to worse.

Now, not just the widgets/API, the actual count goes down every other day. Have a look at the screenshot below (taken from Technically Personal Feedburner account)


Notice the (dirty) red arrows in the image above. My RSS feed subscriber count dropped from 1300+ to 400+. I know that I am not the only one facing this issue. Over the past 6 months or so, many eminent blogs/bloggers have written about this and amazingly enough Google has not done anything but asking everyone to move from Feedburner to Google. Absolutely nothing has changed post-movement of feeds. Some of the articles about Feedburner issue

1. Feedburner Needs To Get It Together – TechCrunch
2. FeedBurner Subscriber Stats Having Major Issues – SeroundTable
3. The FeedBurner Subscriber Count Drop Issue – Blogsessive
4. Google, Can You Please Fix Feedburner? – DailyBlogTips

Ironically, Feedburner Status blog had written this post sometime back acknowledging the issue and finally closing it saying its resolved.

5. Reduced subscribers reported by Google Feedfetcher

But the fact is, nothing has been fixed, nothing has been resolved, nothing has been done.

As per my observation, this issue looks like not including those users who have subscribed by eMail. It doesn’t look like a tough thing to fix, does it? But Google seems to be adamant in ignoring this till now.

Image credits: Google blog

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