Winners Announced : RS for RSS Contest – Winners

Technically Personal has been doing quite good off late and as part of spreading this goodwill I am holding yet another contest. And this time, I am sponsoring the contest myself!

Unlike last time, where $400 worth of gadgets were given away, the rules for entering the contest won’t be so tough. All you have to do is subscribe to the RSS feed of TechPP


Win Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts


Initially, I was planning to give away at-least 5 premium accounts with validity of 1 month, but then decided to make it interesting and now I plan to hold this contest EVERY MONTH. So now, TWO of you will get a chance to win a Rapidshare Premium account valid for 1 month each for FREE and that too every month. All the accounts will be non-secure.

How to enter the contest?

It is very simple.

  • You need to subscribe to RSS feed of TechPP. You can as well opt in to subscribe by eMail. Make sure you verify your eMail address after subscribing.
  • At the BOTTOM of each post in RSS feed/mail (above Related Posts), you see a “Special Contest Code” along with the secret code. In the screen-shot below, it has been blurred out for obvious reasons
  • Oh yeah!! C***** S*** is the contest code. Don’t get confused 😉


  • You just have to enter this secret code as part of your comment below.
  • Comments without this code will not be considered for the contest.
  • Contest ends on June 20th. Winners will be chosen via and will be announced by June 21st.

Very simple! Isn’t it?

Blog about it and stand a chance to win a 3 month valid Rapidshare account

Oh yeah! All my blogger friends stand a chance to win a Rapidshare account (valid for 3 months) by just writing about this contest in your blog. The entry can be as simple as this

TechPP is organizing a contest where two users will get free RapidShare Premium Accounts by just subscribing to the RSS feed and one blogger can win a Free RS account by just writing a post about the Free RapidShare Premium Account Giveaway contest.

It’s nothing more than writing less than 50 words and you are in. Make sure you provide a proper link back to this post.

Proof of RS account-


Why should you subscribe to TechPP RSS feed?

1. You get to read about various technology topics like web apps, online tools, useful software, latest technology trends, online tools, browsers, tips & tutorials, Windows tweaks, Blogging tools, wordpress hacks, Online Tv and many more – directly in your favorite Feed Reader or in your eMail inbox everyday.

2. You will be the first one to know about latest contests happening on TechPP.

3. You get to know about other Promotional Offers for some exciting software frequently.

4. You will be directly eligible to participate in future contests happening on TechPP.

5. Since this RS for RSS contest is planned to happen every month, you will be eligible to Win Free Rapidshare accounts every month!!

So, let’s go for it. Make sure you leave your comment below along with the valid CONTEST CODE.


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


  • Pavan Kumar

    Good luck buddy… Go ahead…

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  • Deepak Jain

    Nice contest idea..

    All the best buddy! :)

    Deepak Jains last blog post..Experts Says New Players and Upcoming MNP May Lower Mobile Tariffs Further!

  • Preetam

    Here, I’ve Blogged about it.

    BTW, what’s a Valid Contest Code? Is it the link that I’ve given above?

    Preetams last blog post..Worthy For Consideration

  • sham

    I have already subscribed..Where to find de code..I cannot see it any where:(

  • Samrat P

    Nice contest buddy!! All the very best.. Waiting for the contest codes..

    Samrat Ps last blog post..Recover Deleted From Files Memory Cards & Hard Disk With DiskDigger

  • Simran

    Good going Raju.. Rapidshare contest with new idea !!! Great

    But where is the secret code ???

    Simrans last blog post..Wordpress 2.8 Beta 2 Released

  • Alex

    “At the BOTTOM of each post (above Related Posts), you see a “Free Rapidshare Contest Code” along with the secret code.”

    I have looked at posts and haven’t found “Free Rapidshare Contest Code” anywhere. Help please? I am a little confused

  • Kanwal Jabeen

    hi thanx sounds nice but i dont know what’s this “Code” or “secret Code” thing is where do i find it i dont see it…..

  • Martin

    “At the BOTTOM of each post (above Related Posts), you see a “Free Rapidshare Contest Code” along with the secret code.”


  • Balaji @ GuideToTech

    Post this info in warez site like warez-bb you will get ton’s of viewrs mate….

    Balaji @ GuideToTechs last blog post..7 Great Time Saving Tools for Blogger Users

  • Jimmy Happy

    I subscribed! However, in the feed, this is shown:

    You are reading the RSS feed of the Post from: Technically Personal!

    RS for RSS Contest – Win FREE Rapidshare Premium Accounts
    Special Contest Code: COMING SOON

    COMING SOON isn’t a code… 😉

  • thezinic

    pardon me,

    why i don’t see the secret code?

    can you show me where is it ?

    thanks a lot.

  • Raju

    @Jimmy Happy,
    You got the code right 😉 That “IS” the valid code!!

    I have updated the post on where to find the code, hope no more confusions now

  • Kanwal Jabeen

    is this the Special Contest Code: COMING SOON

    • Raju

      you are right!

  • Kanwal Jabeen

    will i was wondering if it was or not i anyway thank you i dont usually use RS but cuz i just became Movie junky so i need to download a couple of movies which is hard cuz having to wait and all so i hope i win not that i have ever won in my life but i do liek to give it a try >_<-v

  • Preetam

    Continuation of my previous comment:

    Secret Code: [code hidden]

    Preetams last blog post..RS for RSS Contest – Win FREE Rapidshare Premium Accounts

  • Simran

    I got the contest code.. Its “COMING SOON”

    Simrans last blog post..Keyboard With Photoshop Shortcuts

  • Harshad

    Yay! another contest on techpp. 😛

    Special Contest Code: COMING SOON

    Harshads last blog post..No more 3 Applications Limit in Windows 7 Starter Edition

  • Ninja

    I think it’s a good idea. We need new accounts and need a way to give them without having them get beat up. Maybe more freebies can be given more frequently.

    Special Contest Code: COMING SOON

  • P. Thomas Everts Jr

    Special Contest Code: COMING SOON

  • Martin

    Do I have to have a Gmail account or Google thing?

    • Raju

      any email is fine

  • muaan

    Thx mate.This is my first time participating a contest on your site!
    Special Contest Code:COMING SOON
    Is this the code?

  • Ernie

    Special Contest Code: COMING SOON
    Is this the secret code that you said? Well i hope i will win the RS account. Thank you for this contest

  • sham

    Special Contest Code:COMING SOON

  • Preetam
  • Nihar

    Great contest. I don’t see the code after the post. can you help me.

    Nihars last blog post..How to avoid Hotlinking of file and images using .htaccess hack

  • Jason

    Contest Code : COMING SOON

    Very simply! Thank you.

  • Marti

    I just found out what the contest code was. It is: COMING SOON. =)
    Thank you Techpp. You are the best!

  • Alonso


    Contest code: COMING SOON

  • Sanjeev

    Congratulations and all the best for your latest contest. will participate soon.

    Sanjeevs last blog post..Google Wins The Case Against A Blogger From India

  • Rajesh

    Good Contest Mate. Thanks for Giving it.

    Rajeshs last blog post..Get 10 Beautiful WordPress Templates You (Probably) Haven’t Seen yet

  • Khim

    Contest Code: COMING SOON

    Can I please have RS Premium Account

    Thank You

  • Ricky

    Let me try this.
    special code:[code hidden]
    subscribed to your website via email also

  • poromenos

    Special Contest Code: COMING SOON

    cool contest!just subscribed

    poromenoss last blog post..Greekgamers will be back…soon!

  • SandMan

    Before you started this contest, i subscribed just for the well written blogs of your’s, all tech.. it has helped me allot and i wana thank you for that, now adays before i search google on any comp’s issue or programmes i come to this site first. unfortunately recently i had several files to download from RS but with no avail… i tried all types of downloaders but still cant work around it. and thats why i enter this contest…

    Special Contest Code: [code hidden]


  • Rajiv

    Please give me RSPA

    Special Contest Code: COMING SOON

  • Mridul

    Just Subscribed To the Email Feeds(Email – Mrockzzz) and Also Blogged about this contest on

    Special Contest Code: COMING SOON ( really confusing haan dude :p)

    All The best to me 😀

    Mriduls last blog post..Win 1 month or 3 months Rapidshare Account CONTEST

  • Sweeden

    The Special COntest Code is: [code hidden]…
    But is this contest still on?
    I mean… most of everybody has posted the code… so now will there be a random person who will win the contest?

    • Raju

      Yes, contest is still on. If you read the post carefully, I have clearly written the rules. Winners will be chosen using

  • petey

    Code is COMING SOON

    Pretty interesting concept for a contest, good luck everyone!

  • jack spicer

    GUD LUC !!!!!
    Special Contest Code: COMING SOON

  • Raman

    well great contest… but I am confused- where shall i enter the secret code?

    Ramans last blog post..Two additions to Samsung’s SyncMaster line-up.

    • Raju

      You will see the contest code in RSS feeds and you have to enter in comments section just like others have done

  • Fede

    Special Code Contest: COMING SOON

  • SandMan

    Special Contest Code – COMING SOON

    Good luck to all of us


  • davedog

    Special Contest Code- [code hidden]


  • Michael


    This is great! Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Mohan SP

    superb contest

    contest code: COMING SOON

  • Mathew

    thanks a lot for starting the contest

    is this the code : COMING SOON

  • Siaf

    thanx man good but how did you get these accounts please tell me

    special contest code:COMING SOON

  • Mridul