The 4Free team has shared a way to grab a copy of Virtual CD 8 for FREE. Virtual CD makes your CD/DVD applications faster, more efficient, and easier to use, by storing them in the form of “virtual CDs” on your hard drive using highly effective data compression techniques.

Once you’ve made a virtual CD from a physical CD or DVD, simply ‘insert’ it in a virtual drive to run it. Virtual drives behave just like physical drives, and are displayed in the same manner in your Windows Explorer.


Key Features of Virtual CD 8

• both the 32-bit Windows system and Windows x64 are supported
• your CD/DVD-based applications are much faster, because the CDs run from your hard drive rather than from the CD-ROM drive
• you don’t have to bother with inserting and removing physical CDs—let alone having to look for them in the first place!
• you can run your CDs on computers that don’t even have physical CD drives
• you can use multiple CDs simultaneously – no need for an expensive CD changer!
• the first available physical CD drive can also run virtual CDs
• your valuable original CDs/DVDs won’t get lost or damaged
• you also get a virtual CD/DVD burner that can be addressed by any program that can write data on CDs
• your notebook conserves precious battery power, because you don’t have to run an energy-hogging CD/DVD drive—and you no longer need a physical CD/DVD burner
• your workplace is quieter, because CD/DVD drive noise is eliminated
• a denoiser function is included that makes your physical CD drives quieter
• you can make physical back-ups of your virtual CDs using Smart Virtual CD technology
• you can choose whether to permit the use of physical CDs on a given computer
• the CD Management program gives you intuitive, centralized control of all Virtual CD features, with a window layout that you can customize
• you can use encryption to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data on virtual CDs

How to grab Virtual CD 8 for free ?

1. Go to this Promotional Offer page and fill up the name and email. Entr some random stuff in other fields. Hit “Dalej“


2. Confirm on the next page . Click on “Wislij”

3. You will instantly receive an email containing the license key and the download link.

4. Run the installer and do not forget to register! Note that the English version is installed.

All over!!

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