Computers (are meant to) crash. May be they don’t. But in case they do, do you have a plan to minimize the loss? Here’s an app that makes it relatively easy to be ready if (when) it happens.

No buttons to push or CDs to burn. Simply install CrashPlan and it quietly runs in the background protecting your files without slowing you down.

CrashPlan is a free software to back up personal files to your own local and offsite destinations.

Your files are encrypted at your choice of multiple offsite destinations. Only offsite backup protects your files from theft, fire, and other local disasters. CrashPlan insures your privacy by encrypting your files before they are sent, keeping personal files personal.


With CrashPlan you have the freedom to choose your backup destinations. Back up your new Mac to your old PC, your laptop to a friend’s desktop, whichever you want. Worried about using too much space on a friend’s computer? Just attach a USB drive and back up to it using Crash Plan.

  • CrashPlan constantly flags changes for backup and then backs them up once a day.
  • Files are greatly compressed using advanced compression technology.
  • Duplicate files and parts of files are automatically identified and stored only once.
  • Back up everything about a file, not just its data.
  • Back up to as many destinations as you want: across the street, across town or across the country!
  • Supports files larger than you’ll ever need, plus there’s no limit on how much you can back up.
  • Specify which folders and filenames you do not want backed up.

CrashPlan is free. CrashPlan+ is an optional upgrade. Computers with CrashPlan can back up to or from computers with CrashPlan+.

CrashPlan works with Windows Xp/Vista/7, Mac OS X & Linux!

Download CrashPlan for FREE

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