Yup. This is the 500th Post on Technically Personal! This big, round and scary number of 500 is reached after chopping down and unpublishing few posts. It includes a couple of guest posts as well. I had no clue that I would reach this magical figure when I started blogging for Technically Personal.

From WordPress.com to WordPress.org hosted on a free webhost and then on a shared host and then on this beautiful VPS hosting from Knownhost, it has been quite a journey really. There have been different stages of blogging when I retrospect.

  1. Blogging –> my passion,
  2. Blogging –> fun,
  3. Blogging –> investment,
  4. Blogging –> pain,
  5. Blogging –> fun, passion and a profession.

I am currently in that last stage and hope to be there for a long time. Over these months, I got to meet and network with some wonderful people online who have helped me directly or indirectly to make TechPP what it is now.

To name a few – Pavan, Rockstar_Sid, Stratos, Kim, Nirmal, Ajith, Harsh, Madhur and many many more.

And all the Loyal readers of TechPP, thank you for checking in regularly and for those of you who leave comments on our postings, keep them coming ‘cos we simply love to hear your thoughts on what’s going on in the wonderful world of Web and Technology.

Please Suggest

I believe this is just a beginning and this blog has a long way to go. Please let me know what you would like to see more. Any suggestions/feedback would be of a great help to make this site more useful for an average user.

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