Here is a quick heads up on what possibly the easiest way to win a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate! And this is offered by none other than Microsoft!! All you have to do is fill up a short survey which is called – Windows 7 Discovery and it is carrying just 4 questions!

Following are the 4 questions –
1. Name and e-mail address.
2. What group best describer your role?
3. What term would you use to search for a Microsoft page about Windows 7?
4. Which URL would you most likely type to find information on the latest version of Windows?

The survey is hosted at SurveyMonkey, but not to worry, its surely created by Microsoft. The survey expires today (June 30) at 12pm PST, so go have a crack at it right now.

Take the Windows 7 Discovery Survey now

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5 thoughts on “Grab This Chance to Win a Free Copy of Windows 7 Ultimate

  1. Has anyone tried using windows7 whats the feedback? is it like vista? if it is.. then am not a fan.. if its like xp then i’ve already took the survey.


  2. yea im not a fan of Vista either i so totally prefer XP
    Vista is such a loser no offense to those who love Vista
    but XP really just Rocks i wish and hope that Windows 7 is like XP.

  3. ^^^

    Well, if you took Windows Vista, then HARDCORE TWEAKED it for better performance, enhanced it with new widgets, it’s Windows Se7en.

    And yes, it’s very good. You should try the Release Candidate aka RC, it’s good!

  4. no way to active my windows7 software is able to crack my windows7.

    in first time when my windows is installed then my auto update is enable.but my copy is not original. so microsoft block my windows. now no software active my copy. someone pls help me. my email adress is

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