What do you do with a PC when you lose the data it contains? If your critical business data becomes unrecoverable then there is every chance that the business could fail. Online backup is designed to overcome the most common data backup issues. The availability of broadband access means that online data backup is now a realistic, and affordable alternative to traditional backup methods like CD / DVD backup.

We have already seen some of the services which offer online backup of your precious data for FREE! But then most of these Free services come with its own set of limitations like data backup size limit, unavailability of technical support, no guarantee for data backed-up etc.


But then, if you find a service which easily integrates with your Amazon S3 storage account and helps you automate the backup and restore processes, you would obviously get interested. Amazon S3 has proved itself as an inexpensive cloud storage service that you may use for online backup as well as for hosting static resources of your website like web images, Flash video, audio files, etc.

CloudBerry Online Backup is a Windows product that automates backup and restore processes and works with your Amazon S3 storage accounts.

Features of CloudBerry Online Backup

1. Backup wizard helps you to configure a backup plan and start copying your files to cloud storage in a matter of minutes.

2. Restore wizard will guide you through the restore process.

3. Files versioning will create a version of the files every time the file is changed. It will help you to revert to any of the version of the file later. It works closely with Point in time restore feature.

4. Intelligent backup will identify only the files that were modified since the last backup and copy only those files to the storage. This will help to speed up and eliminate excessive storage and transfer fees.

5. Retention policies help you to define for how long to keep a copy of the file in the backup storage and how many versions of the file. It helps to further reduce your storage costs while maintaining the copies of the files.

6. Point in time restore will help you to get a file or the whole folder with file to any point in the past.

7. Backup storage browser is available on Online Backups screen helps you quickly locate a file and restore it. It will be extended with a search function in the future.

8. Encryption capabilities help ensure that only authorized users can access the contents of your backup storage.



Pros and Cons of CloudBerry Online Backup


  • CloudBerry Online Backup is highly reliable. CloudBerry Labs are known for quality products and moreover its based on Amazon S3, which is an excellent online storage service.
  • Cloudberry Online Backup interface is extremely easy to use. It comes with a simple-to-use wizards for both backup and restore.
  • Option to use additional tools provided by Amazon S3.
  • The whole interface is written using .NET framework and hence CPU and resources usage management is stable.
  • Microsoft’s implementation of encryption algorithms ensure that the data transfer is secure and safe.


  • The product is still in beta. Even though the company has clarified that this is an extended beta in order to gain more feedback and popularize the product before the actual launch, the “beta” tag still makes people to think again.
  • Currently, CloudBerry Online backup is available for Windows only (Win XP and Vista).
  • No Windows 7 & Windows 2000 support as well.
  • No file sharing allowed.


CloudBerry Online Backup is surely a great product to test out. I believe that it matches in functionality with more established vendors like Mozy if not beat them. With the full version scheduled to be released anytime soon, it makes sense to try it out right now.

Cloudberry Online Backup is currently in beta and hence its free to use. Also note that all beta testers will get a FREE commercial license when the product is out!

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Disclaimer: This is a paid-review of CloudBerry Online backup software. That should not mean that the opinions above are edited or forced upon by anyone else. I review ’em as I see ’em!

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