Just a couple of days back the brand new version of Mozilla Firefox (3.5) was released. This version of the popular browser is known to be feature-rich and much faster than the previous versions. More than 5 million downloads of Firefox 3.5 have been reported in just about 3 days.

But not all add-ons / extensions are ported on to Firefox 3.5 by the developers yet, and hence many of you might be holding back yourself to test the brand new version of Firefox. If so, then you can download Portable version of Firefox 3.5 to get a first hand experience of the new browser. You can simply export and import the add-ons and their settings using Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE).

The portable version can be run directly from USB if needed and can be used in parallel to the older versions of Firefox. It is currently compatible with Windows OS only. Simply extract it to a folder and start the executable. No installation required.

Download Firefox 3.5 portable

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