Using a Free VPN is the best idea, if your answer is ‘Yes’ for any of the questions below.

  • Do you have problems in opening certain websites like Gmail and YouTube at work?
  • Has your school blocked social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter?
  • Do you require to work anonymously online?


Using proxies is highly risky and outdated. Maybe you can use one of these innovative ways to access blocked websites. But then, there is no guarantee that all of them will work, if your system admin is smart and/or the block is at the ISP level. So, what can you do? Use a VPN client.

Few days back when I wrote a tutorial on how to access Hulu and Sling outside US, some readers were mentioning how Hulu has blocked Hotspot Shield proxies. But the fact is, HotSpot Shield is just one of the many Free VPN services available on the internet. So, this post is an effort to list out the Best Free VPN Clients currently.


Image courtesy: Cisco inc.

Top 5 Free VPN Clients

(Updated : April 2013)

1. TunnelBear – Free VPN app


This is possibly the easiest free vpn service I have used in a while, and hence pushing it to the top of the list. TunnelBear gives you access to any sites that are geo-restricted. For now, it provides free US & UK VPN, but that’s more than handy for many people. Signing up for a free account will give you 500 MB of bandwidth per month, but you can get a bonus of 1GB of data, by just associating your twitter account. It is available as free download for Mac and Windows users.

2. OpenVPN – Free VPN service

openvpn-free-vpn is a SSL/TLS based VPN, it provides high security and privacy. The biggest difference between PPTP VPN and OpenVPN is you need install OpenVPN client software to use OpenVPN service, and OpenVPN DO NOT work on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and Android. But OpenVPN works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

3. Hotspot Shield – The most popular free VPN client


Hotspot Shield is possibly the most popular Free VPN client in the world. It made waves when Hulu was launched as it allowed users to watch Hulu even when it was blocked. Now, they have US & UK based VPN services which you can use to protect yourself from WiFi Snoopers, identity thefts and censorships. The best part is, Hotspot Shield provides unlimited bandwidth and works on both PC & Mac.

4. VPNBook – a new Free VPN client


One of the newest kids on the block is VPNBook. It’s a 100% free VPN service and comes with most advanced cryptographic techniques to keep you safe on the internet. VPNBook strives to keep the internet a safe and free place by providing free and secure PPTP and OpenVPN service access for everyone. From our tests, we have found that VPNBook is Romania based and claims that they do not collect any information or log any internet activity.

5. UltraVPN – an OpenVPN client


UltraVPN is a French VPN client that hides your connection from unwanted ears and allows you to use blocked applications. It is also based on OpenVPN service. Traffic is quota is unlimited. Bandwidth is up to 500Kb/s depending on network conditions.

10 More Free VPN Services [Updated]

Since it’s been more than an year since this post was written, we are updating it with more free vpn services.

6. PacketiX.NET – Free VPN client


PacketiX.NET is a Japan VPN service. It is actually a premium service, but they have PacketiX.NET online test service as well which is free to use. The service is fast and reliable and it is easy to use as well. Just download the VPN connection manager, install and connect! It works on Windows and Linux only.

7. CyberGhost – Free VPN service


CyberGhost is a free VPN service from Germany which helps you route you through a German IP. The free service is limited to 10GB traffic every month, which is more than enough for surfing on websites, chatting and email. The paid service is also affordable.

Update: The free service is limited to just 1GB per month now.

8. TorVPN


TorVPN is one of the latest entrants into the VPN market. TorVPN is great for bypassing strict content filters, browsing the web anonymously, securing your VOIP communications or remote access to your home/office workstation. With TorVPN you can get an OpenVPN server, SSH access, PPTP & TOR proxy. Free vpn access is restricted to 1GB per month and works on Windows, Mac, iPhone & iPad.

9. SecurityKiss

SecurityKiss is a tunnel service which ensures security and privacy once your data leaves your computer. It redirects all your traffic through an impenetrable tunnel to our security gateway. Everything in the tunnel is encrypted.

10. Your-Freedom

Your-Freedom makes accessible what is inaccessible to you, and it hides your network address from those who don’t need to know. The free service lets you use it for 6 hours a day (up to 15 hours a week). You can either download their software or use the OpenVPN mode. Windows, Mac & Linux platforms are supported.

11. USA IP

For free user, you don’t need to register, just download the USAIP.pbk file, and then double-click on the file and select one of the USAIP PPTP connections. After that, you can access the USA IP free VPN services with the username demo and the password demo. But you will need to reconnect the USA IP network after every 7 minutes.

12. Get US VPN

This new Free VPN service client offers service in Fast, Secure and extremely Convenient ways from both USA and UK data centers. It is tested to work with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Amazon Video and YouTube.

Other notable mentions for Free VPN clients

Do you know any other Free VPN service? Do share it by commenting below. If you see that any of the above services is down or closed, do let us know.


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


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    As I know, JAP is not a VPN, it is a special application that can hide your IP address as Tor network.

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    Is there a place where I can get 100% free vpn service?
    You know, for privacy, security, and moving beyond firewalls, etc?please tell me.

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    “Do you require to work anonymously online?”

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  • Boy O Boy

    Ace VPN offers both paid and free vpn service. I use their premium service (costs $5) and I rate them awesome. You could use their VPN on routers and have all your computers on your network go through the tunnel.

    Free PacketIX is only for academic and non-profit organizations.

    I used ultravpn long back but they had serious uptime issues at that time and many of their ports were blocked.

  • Rakesh

    I second Boy O Boy on They are one of the best VPN i have used so far.

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    I use proxy sites to access the blocked the pages at my office. There are good ones, which i don’t know till now..

    Thanks a lot dude.!

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    Avalon web open VPN not compatible with windows vista home premium 64 bit as far as I can tell.

    No success with install.


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    Unfortunately acevpn, anchorfree, its hidden have all been blocked in china, any other free suggestions? Please help, thanks!

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      Hey Pete i’m also in shanghai and can’t seem to find a single vpn server preferably free that hasn’t been blocked already! anyone that knows ways around the great firewall of China?

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        Anyone ever find a reliable VPN to use in china? (free of course)!

  • Metodios

    VPN Tool – USA IP

    Peer2Me – FR/DE IP (french users only)one of the best free VPN ,no limits,top speed ~20 Mbps

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    VPN-IP gives free UK based VPN service

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    Use software’s like ultrasurf,freegate,Gpass,ultravpn,barracuda- proxy1.2,ifreevpn,surfnolimit-bypass-proxy3.0,yourfreedom 1009020901,freeaccessplus1.0.9,/Torpark browser,etc.

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    Free ones are done. I’m using Freedur now. Pretty fast, has no problem to access Facebook and the Youtube videos stream super fast. Love it.

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    Erm, is there any FREE VPN that works in China? ultraVPN seems to be the only one I can download but it doesn’t work. it keeps attempting to connect to the server… and never finishes

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    if your are willing to pay for a vpn service.
    darknetvpn is awesome.

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    CyberGhost VPn is only 1 GB free trafic not 10!

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    Hi..I am from UAE. Is there any method to hide my online activities from the ISP provider(Etisalat). Is there any free VPN server service is available ? Please let me know.

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    Hello! I just wanted to note that AceVPN no longer offers anything for free.


    Thank you for your informative and useful article about VPN.
    I am a spotify addict, and I was wondering if you know any FREE UK based VPN i can use to log in to spotify when i am in DUBAI.

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    Cyberghost does not offer 10GB anymore. It’s now restricted to 1GB only.

  • Harry

    By the way, the free VPN service of disconnects you every 20 minutes.

  • Pinky

    I am so angry! I was using until this AM. I don;t know what happened, it just would not work! It was free, easy and fast. I loved it. Now, I am hunting all over the net for another one which is just as good. I don’t want to mess with my network connections, like a lot of these want you to. Any other ideas guys? :)

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    any alternatives free vpn you can suggest???

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  • lsof is free uk based vpn service.

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    Just wondering if there are any experiences with above services. I note that AceVPN ( ask you to write a review and to provide their link and then you would be able to use their services. I used to use other VPN’s the last being Hotspotshield but found them slow or had too many ads or I was unable to open them again. I am in China so sites like face book and you-tube are not available though god knows why? What are the differences between paid and free VPNs. Would this email constitute a review or do I have to use a service, then review it, however as I have no VPN at the moment I am not too sure about the requirements they are stipulating but that might be my own inability to read fairly simple instructions. Does anyone have experience of using VPN’s in China? I would begrateful for any recommendations or advice on the matter.
    Thank you K

  • TonyG

    The best speed and truly open VPN (allows VoIP, P2P, bittorrent, Shareze etc.) is the openvpn by solvpn. I have them for a year now and been very satisfied. Worth the money.

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    in my 7 years of vpn experience i cant live without ACEVPN and HideMyAss (HMA), im not only using those for just surfing but to register to those sites that is using geographical filter, many vpn services can only saw sites from other countries or what we called blocked sites, BUT they cant sign up to those sites, so if you want true vpn that works, then here it is..

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    i decided to go with cyberghost, since im in germany and its a german programm, why not?
    plus the speed they offer in exchange for an untraceble ip adress cannot be topped!
    i also found out that they have this cool secure filesharing feature, something like the trafficshare option in rapidshare, but again, secure :)

    i can only recommend it, especially for german users!

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    the only one that wasnt deinstalled was cyberghost.
    im not a mac user but i do want a nice user interface, and cyberghost gives me one, plus not only is it good lookin its easy to use.
    since im not really a geek i do appriciate that.
    datasafe is a very nice feature if you want so securely share files with friends e.g.

  • bobbydrake

    also hat problems logging into facebook with ultravpn,
    i dont know if german servers are a disadvantage for me,
    i went with cyberghost vpn.
    works good, cant complain,
    and i can log into facebook 😀

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    please help me to open my yahoo cam & voice since its block from service provider in Oman. im looking an free VPN

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  • Super VPN Service

    Every day more and more people want to protect their privacy on Internet. Governments around the world put different kind of restrictions on Internet connections of their citizens. VPN is solution for all that with which you can bypass all restrictions and protect your privacy. Many expert predict that VPN is future of Internet freedom.

  • Jay Allen

    the fastest Free VPN service I have found is VPN Reactor

    They offer free vpn accounts with instant access!

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    I wanted to test most of the VPN services from this post but I tried only a few of them and stopped on SecurityKISS Tunnel as it proved to be the fastest and most reliable.
    Besides I don’t need to register and remember one more user and password.

    I’m writing this comment while connected through SecurityKISS Tunnel and it works perfect.

  • rurikbird

    I need advice how to access US-only service from overseas. I’m trying to listen to Rhapsody when I’m traveling, but it blocks all non-US IP. Help!

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    Hi, I’m Damian from Canada.
    Now i lived in Indonesia that has slow internet connection and also too many restriction. So i usually use VPN from KeepHide

    Cheap but reliable and fast. Just my experience with them guys!

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    Hi, my sis is living in Iran, in order to use the magic jack she needas a vpn service, we try world vpn for $5.99 , I was wondering if there is any free vpn I can use .

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      cyber ghost but limited to 1GB per month

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    To Jay Allen, excuse me but VPN Reactor services are not free . Please, read their ” Terms & Conditions” thoroughly.That`s all.

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    Actually, OpenVPN works on Windows Mobile (don’t know about upcoming WM7, but WM5/6 are supported), Android (seem to require some tricky actions to set up), Maemo/MeeGo and jailbroken iPhone OS. Google for “openvpn platform_name” for more details.

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    cyberghost is great, they now also have us servers u can choose from the list if you are a premium member!
    and they are reaally reaaally fast!
    i like it.


    pls help me i really need a usa vpn on my system now….so urgent

  • VPN-Expert

    For super users, I suggest StrongVPN, it’s powerful, and its price is a bit high
    For Premium users, I suggest FBVPN, it’s less powerful but installing is very easy.
    For Lite users, I suggest SailfishVPN, it has free trial

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    I am an Iranian
    The illegal government of this country, unfortunately most of the social networks they filter
    Iranian citizens direct access to these networks are not
    Please if you are a free VPN along with teaching them to send me

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    I have Tunnelblick 3.0 installed on my Mac (Hackintosh) to use any of the free vpn servers above with Tunnelblick?

    (sorry, I’m new at VPN, new at Mac, even new at Hackintosh, I only use UltraVPN on my Windows XP, and to use it is just very very easy)

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    strongvpn logs ALL traffic

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    OpenVpn says it’s only free to 2 clients. What does that mean? Can anyone help me on this?

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    maybe i am not following the instructions correctly

  • dessicator

    The free service from SecurityKISS provides this error message…”Connection failed. Check your network connectivity and firewall settings. You could also reach your usage limit.” Since I even tried turning my firewall off, and my network connectivity is fine, it seems their free VPN service is just as efficacious as CyberGhost’s.

    • VPN man

      You may need to choose the right server from the available servers, and make sure you choose the right port. 443 (or) 123.

      • morteza

        i need a good free vpn please help me.

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      that’s strange cause i’ve found securitykiss to be the only fast & reliable free VPN. Suggest you try it agian.

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    HotSpot Shield is the best free VPN to use! It doe’s have ads though. If you use FireFox install “NoScript” and this add-on will stop those pesky ads

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    There is one free VPN that has worked for me properly, but lately it became slow, the name is proXPN, you can find it at

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    “Domain expired” (another one bites the dust) …
    1. AlonWeb – Free VPN client

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    Great share. VPN is future. Every person have right on privacy, anonymity and Internet freedom.

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    uber cool free vpn services

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    Too bad TorVPN is missing from the list :-(

    It’s got OpenVPN, PPTP, and even SSH access for those people who do not have administrator access on their computers.

    Best of all, no speed throttle. Whatever goes (even P2P / torrents are allowed).

  • tinyg

    Not free but the cheapest and best VPN service provider that I have experienced is AplusVPN (
    Unlimited bandwidth, superb speed, openvpn based allowing P2P/torrents, this is a great deal.

  • Wayne

    OpenVPN does not provide VPN servers for public use. It is a client/server system that allows you to set up your own VPN network.

  • SL

    cyberghost has just revised their traffic from 10GB to 1GB per month…

  • Reheae Shinem

    Nice List!

    From time to time I need use VPN for my Android phone and my notebook when I am outside in hotspot, I already use this one:

    Very stable connection, always use its latest up-to-date password from its web page to get the VPN connected without any issue.

  • cz chillw – Free PPTP VPN for windows, mac and iphone/android mobile, very nice service, always free.

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    i need free VPn

    • Kumar

      Use one of those mentioned in the post. Who is stopping you?

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    Try Secure Web Point Total Freedom its a Free VPN

    Been trying it for a couple of hours and you can also request them to send you details instead so you can use on your mobile phone as well.

  • wajdan

    i think people still can access twitter, facebook, youtube and other social networking sites by accessing several vpn services from websites. so y should twitter/facebook/youtube or anyother site worry about these bans ?

  • Tunnelr

    While there are many VPN tunneling companies out there, we felt that almost all of them tended towards only novice users. With the increasing popularity of Linux and other UNIX based operating systems, many users are becoming more familiar (and in some cases, even comfortable) with the terminal and services such as OpenSSH. As a result, we felt that it was important to give users the ability to choose the appropriate type of tunneling service they were looking for. While staying focused on security, we decided to not offer PPTP tunnels, but instead focus on two primary services – OpenSSH and OpenVPN.

    So if you are an experienced industry veteran who is looking for an OpenSSH tunnel or someone who just wants a simple and complete tunneling solution via OpenVPN – we’ve got you covered.

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    Can someone help my worker in the Philippines get the VPN onto her computer & quickly teach her how to use it.

    I haven’t decided on what VPN to get her, but she has to be able to post on & they DON’T (grrrrrr) allow people outside Canada to post.

    Thanks a ton : )


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    AnchorFree Hotspot VPN is no longer works for CHINA

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    @kitkat: thanks for the TorVPN ( tip. Using it right now, works great.

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    I installed the PacketiX VPN client suggested here. It allows You Tube access in China but does *not* allow FaceBook access.

    Can anyone please suggest a VPN for FaceBook access in China ?

  • Mike

    CyberGhost now offers only 1 GB of traffic

  • Harry Killian

    Hostizzle needs to be at the top of this page. It’s the only one I know of that offers a free VPN hosted on dedicated 150TB US server.
    I am in no way associated with Hostizzle, just a satisfied customer

  • Eddie

    I was using Witopia which was very slow and poor customer service then switched to Strong VPN which has been extremely faster and they have customer service chat as well as call service which Witopia did not have. Very happy with Strong vpn!

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    I use because is very very fast…and you can pan this program with paypal,moneybookers or what you want !

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    Pleas, Raju, update this page as many options are no longer available. Another VPN service is “UltraSurf” which is available from

  • Franck Melka


    perhaps a stupid question, but is it possible to have a site in USA and run a VPN from the USA server of the site.

    If anyone have an answer, tell me.

    • Ron

      Most of AnchorFree Hotspot Shield’s servers ARE in the USA.

  • wawan

    why openvpn does not work for windows 7?

    • Asa

      that is because you have not given the program administrative right. Go to properties of the program and click “run as administrator” hope that helps?

    • indoVconn

      Saat install dan menggunakan openVPN di win7 harus dengan cara: Klik Kanan file/soft lalu pilih “Run as an administrator”

    • SHADOW


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    You solve my big problem. I and my friends also face same problems. We can’t access a chating sites and also download. So it help me lot thanks for sharing this.

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    USA always has the best backbone internet connection to all over the world, so go with US based VPN will be suitable for most of users who want a fast and secure internet access.

    What I used in my computer and my iphone is a very nice Free VPN service from :

    * It has all three major VPN protocols support – support PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC and OPENVPN;

    * Very nice speed, I can easily reach 2Mbit/s speed when doing speed test from after VPN is connected;

    * Very flexible, in windows, mac, linux, android, iOS, symbian etc., you can use this free VPN service almost in any devices;

    * And most important, it’s FREE.


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      Perfect! Thank you David!

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    Alonweb domain moved, no clue as to where it has moved, instead u see a lot of ads offering vpn services.

    UltraVPN site having a problem of expired security certificate.
    Refuses to sign-up for free account citing SQL error. . vpn service. Free vpn service.Installation instructions in german, so a little hassle. . Again, another free vpn service. Free vpn service. US IP. . Canada PPTP VPN. UK PPTP VPN.

  • Curious_Guy

    anyone knows a free VPN service that supports port forwarding, or any solution for torrent & soulseek for MAC OS X?

  • Ming

    Guys, can you access securityKISS website? I couldn’t access it recently and it is the best vpn so far. The program works well anyway but cannot get updates…

  • Pinoy

    I cant sign up to alonweb. their domain is loading a parked page.

    You can also add ProXPN to the list. I am currently using proXPN :)

    Thanks for the list

  • Eddie

    A free PPTP VPN service is available from along with unlimited dynamic DNS.

    • Robert Xu

      Hey, this is actually not bad. 😀

  • Dima

    I’m using free vpn service – Redvpn.
    Excellent speed, allow P2P, pptp connection, usa server.
    Service absolutely free, it’s amazing.

  • Mark

    I think Cyberghost is the best free vpn service. Though it gives you limited bandwidth and speed in free accounts but i love it beacause of its dialer and services.

  • Justin

    I know of and which are both good, but they’ve become blocked in my school so I was looking for some more.

  • yoshititi

    Is there another one like macrovpn now that it is no longer working?

  • linuxury is not supporting linux ! as their website says.
    plz check.

    • Raju PP

      Corrected. Thanks!

  • Granite Countertop

    Most of the websites listed here are not accessable.

    • Raju PP

      wonder which country you are from and from where you are trying it (college, office, home)?

      • munionz

        hey good day!! can you help me how use vpn?? thanks

  • sia

    i need vpn

  • john

    What about Hamachi VPN

    MY Favorite one !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rachel


    • Raju PP

      I can see from your IP address that you are from Netherlands. Most of these free VPNs should work. You are either lying or just trolling.

      • Kishan

        I require a Free VPN Client for Desktop PC’s & Mobiles (Windows OS, Android) which allows internet access over CISCO Wirelss Routers connected to the Local ISP, especially, for the Middle East: UAE, Oman, Qatar etc.

    • Midastouchh

      which country are you in??? Change your country…..

  • TM

    Does anyone know a VPN with Exclusive Tunneling option? Without it VPN is useless because your IP address can be disclosed at any time if the connection is shaky – which is more common than most people think. I wrote my own scripts to do it but it is not very convenient so I’m looking for the VPN with embedded support for Exclusive Tunneling.

  • Luna

    i’m using a KryptoVPN, for me is the better because is cheaper, encrypted and i can choose more servers (Australia, Singapore, USA, UK, Europe ecc…)

  • hamed

    could you email me a vpn server?

  • AZ

    what about proXPN basic its good soft or not??

  • Mangos

    It may seem like ad but it may save you a lot of time – is simply the best.
    I have no idea why it is positioned so low…

  • Tze

    Hey guys I live in China and I need a vpn to access youtube e.t.c.
    however, pptp does not work for me and almost all vpn sites ending in .com are blocked. Which vpn do you recommend?

  • Federico

    Do you guys know if any of these services works from Android phones?
    and they say there is an Android bug and they have workaround but I didn’t tried it yet.

  • saeed

    could you email me a vpn server??
    thank you….

  • gauravkeswani22


    its not true.. Hostizzle is the best vpn ……

    with g8 speed…..

  • Robbin

    @gauravkeswani: You are defending hostizzle because you want free cert from them. But I know how horrible provider are they. I am happy now joining VPSBD!

  • gautam

    torrents traffic is blocked at my school and i use proxpn to unblock it but it gives a limited speed
    so is there anything else like the proxpn software you know about that can unblock the torrent traffic and gives unlimited speed?

    • anonymous808

      Your Freedom VPN i personally tested it and you have options in choosing locations !

  • r4

    Could someone give some free VPN that don’t intall any software?

    • mogougo

      Yeah, actually the only one that works is SecurityKISS.
      The rest is waste of time.

  • Open VPN Service

    Thanks for the post, blog contain very good and useful stuff.

  • Jim

    Yes I would like to see some sort of VPN service that does not require any additional software. As indicated in the article you maybe at work and hence blocked from installing any software.

    Just a https web site that you can log into and create browser based instances of a VPN connection. I even would not mind if the there was levels of account access from free to paid (depending on the amount of band width you use).

    • Marion

      boxpn VPN service provider doesn’t force you to install any software. Website runs on SSL secured (https) and they provide SSTP vpn protocol especially for corporate users to run on work networks. Hope this helps.

  • vpn free

    Thank you so much. I was hoping for just one service to work and surprisingly most of the free vpn services listed above works flawlessly

  • bounce house

    good free vpn

  • prakash

    thanks for this vpn information…nice article..keep on posting thank u

  • librevpn

    nice list.

    I wish I had my VPN up there.

  • Onkar Reekpu

    Its amazing how book knowledge, degrees and test passing has no real bearing when it comes to real life application. There are many more vpn services and different types of vpn services. Openvpn works on Linux, and FreeBSD and many other operating Systems besides Microsoft. And yes it works on Android. Be careful when it comes to believing everything that people post on the Internet its obvious this site is bias and flawed. There is a deception behind many vpn services… becareful. heres another for your list its free vpn

    • Raju

      Whether it works or not, the homepage of OpenVPN clearly states that they support Windows and Mac.No mention of Linux

      • RyanFoley

        This is the equivalent of saying “This website was designed in HTML5 and only have Windows and Mac support.” Doesn’t make much sense. ‘Support’ doesn’t really mean anything in this instance, it’s a standard, not a program you install on your computer.

    • Jose Terreiro

      I take Internet security serious and although I don’t discard the free VPN services, I would easily go for a paid services if that would be the best solution in terms of quality, trust, support, safety, etc. So, what free/paid VPN services you would suggest?

      Thank you for your comments.


  • Thomas

    TorVPN is a con. They waste a lot of your time by getting you to register, then after one session of connection they pull the plug on you and tell you to pay to continue service !

  • orenoren

    i love this list, but the biggest problem for me (behing in china and behind the GFW), i cannot open 90% of the links, all is blocked. Hotspotshield worked great for me but not anymore since a week or so.

    Any suggestions? It should be free as i am short on cash ;-(

  • hend_k

    I have to use VPN asI travel between Europe and China so thanks for this list!

    The VPN list is quite long but the only one that works in the FREE version is SecurityKISS.

    Before I used some paid service, don’t mention the name.

    • hightravel

      I like to be using boxpn vpn service. Price is almost like free, they provide great support.

  • munionz

    hi guys!!! can you help me. how yo use vpn? thanks.


    It’s a very useful and an informative blog, i’m going to find more about it


  • martins

    please anybody tell me where or which link i can download an ip_blocker or free vpn i really need this link please contact me at please please please i need this asap

  • carl

    Thanks for this wonderful list! Why not include airvpn??? It’s free and been using it for quite a while..

    Thanks man!

  • ken

    I’m in China. Unfortunately, to get to the VPN site I must initially access it via a non-VPN route… and I guess all those routes are blocked… cos none of the ten (plus your three extras) above was accessible!

  • Evo

    Currently I am using Hide My Ass VPN. It is the best VPN on the market. Fast, stable and secured + they have a lot of extras.

  • IAPS

    thanks this is an useful post, i guess there isn’t any vpn that runs without any software!! anybody knows if any??

  • Carlos

    I used they offer good services with great support

  • carplan

    Thank of given information related to the networking like that VPN ,LAN,Man

  • sadaf

    i m in china and there is no vpn site open. now what can i do.. plz help me


    HOW COME???


  • juan

    hotspot shield is a very good protector IP

  • armin

    is any of these free vpn’s compatible with the ps3?? I need to watch us netflix on my uk ps3? I’ve tried hotspot shield and I can sussefully watch us netflix on laptop but not on the ps3? (the ps3 still loges in as a uk ip)

  • IvanCvetic

    thx for sharing mate

  • Bacid

    I d/l Hotspot Shield, and Hulu knew I was using a proxy and blocked me.  I am trying to get to Hulu from Germany.

  • hal9000

    I use for accessing , i’m based in germany , the service also

  • Marcie G

    I have found some of the crappy VPN’s either 1. Load my computer with ads (download ones) and the non-download ones make money somehow, read the ToS most of them harvest your data.  Not cool.  Especially since VPN is for security.Free2Surf ( has a no crap free VPN, they dont allow spammers and their paid stuff is good. I am really happy with it, no ads, no hacked accounts.  

  • nikhil

    really nice..! thnks.

  • Milton Anders

    FoxyVPN has a good app for PPTP (Windows). Thousands of IPs, but I wish they would add openvpn support to the app.

  • amir

    hotspot shield was good but it’s not working anymore

  • Dana

    @armin Try Unblock TV from AceVPN. It’s a DNS service for Netflix, Hulu, BBC. Configure the DNS on your router / PS3 and you are good to go. They have few other channels mentioned on the site.

  • mikey

    How many of these free providers have log files of users? Be cautious

  • sharuk

    is any of that works with mts

  • javier

    SECUTIRYKISS. I like the security and Speed 100mbit / s. You have several forms to bypass your firewall connection, https (443), PPTP, L2TP, and runs on all operating systems including mobile phone. have free and paid plan. (Unlock) everything, everything. If you have any questions write to and help, Greetings

  • techguy20

    hey guys try this (superfreevpn) {tutorials for each operating system}
    ((absolutely free))

  • bubba slong

    stay away from the “hotspot shield” unless u like tons of ads and a browser hijacker installed.

  • bubba slong

    just deleted “security kiss” very very slow…connects to u.k. 300mb limit per 24 hours. went to youtube to watch video never loaded…

  • Y. L

    I am using Symvpn software on my Nokia phone

  • Lost Soul

    Really shamful awful that these free vpns cap service and really slow your surfing down anyway you can get into that a lot more ? ?

  • alex

    torvpn is goood

  • Salman


  • Robert Morrison

    I am using Android version of Hotspot Shield on my device without any problems. Thanks… Hotspot Shield

  • Luis

    A good list I have tried a few. None of them seem to have great support, I hate things without 24/7 support especially in 2012. But maybe that is just me.

    Not to mention Free does not exist. If it is free they are making money somehow which means they are selling your personal information. You know most people use the same password for everything? Give them your password and they now know how to get in to all of your accounts. Lame. I would never stay with free.

    I ended up doing the smart thing and got a decent provider with good support and am only paying 8 bucks a month which is nothing …. using Free2Surf VPN.

    Think about it, would you eat free food someone handed you? Duh, you wouldn’t. So why would you install and share all your personal data with a free VPN…. Duh you shouldn’t.

    • freedom rocks

      I guess you don’t use free search engines like google, or free email accounts like gmail, hotmail or yahoo either.

      • Lieb

        What? Really? Google stores your searches to profile your search habits. These algorithms help advertisers to serve ads based off your habits. Luis is right. I forget who said it, but “when a service costs nothing to use, you are the product.”

        • Nathan

          I think it was Epiphio.

  • Chandra

    Thanks just download and installed the hotspot shield..

  • Artur

    cloudnymous has 2 free unlimited servers, although a bit crowed

  • Kelvin

    i can’t access any website in the list

  • Kelvin

    my god i’m in chi_na

  • Eagles Eye

    Kepard provides 30mins every day for 365 days under trial version. But in my experience, cyberghost is the best for free version, just subscribing to them gives us 30 days of premium usage free. We are smart enough to give every time with a diff email and use it.

    • crock

      I subscribed and didn’t have a free month, I subscribed with an email and not a username…only a username is used to log in to the ntwork…maybe im missing something here, I really think can help pls

      • Eagles Eye

        crock, cyberghost have stopped free premium service, but still use free service, its even excellent, they will give random server, but works fine :)

        • crock

          yeah I can see that but Im thinking of finding a way around to have a fixed IP like you can do with Tor through some settings on the Tor File….is that anyway possible and how can I talk to you except on here, if possible

          • Eagles Eye

            Crock you can mail me to

          • crock

            ok, I have already messaged you there and still waiting on a reply from you

  • Raghav Dua

    Great Article but VPN services slows down browsing speed so is there any VPN service without this disadvantage?

    • Raju

      Free VPN services usually have this con. Premium services fare better in that regard

  • Jack Zak

    Thanks so much ^_^

    • Raju

      You’re welcome Jack!

  • Mike

    This is ridiculous. All of the listed VPNs are blocked in China. Wow.

    • Raju

      Why am I not surprised? :)

      • Hican

        u should, cause people from other place seldom use vpn.

    • Little China man

      From what I’ve heard SurfEasy isn’t blocked there and it’s also free (only 750 MB of traffic per month though). You can get more through certain quests and referrals though.

      You can also try Hideman (, proXPN ( or cloudnymous ( that are at least to a certain extent free as well. Or perhaps ultraSurf or FreeGate but they are quite slow.

      TunnelBear, SurfEasy and Hideman are imho the best ones, all have their own mobile applications as well.

  • Gent

    Just Installed SecurityKiss, It works great.

  • Romy

    “The best part is, Hotspot Shield provides unlimited bandwidth and works on both PC & Mac”
    DO NOT BELIEVE THIS assertion!
    I stop using this after repeated warnings and keeps saying that it will reset in 8 hours. what a bullf–f!

  • CyberGhost EN

    Hey Raju! Great article! Glad you mentioned CyberGhost VPN also especially now that we have the updated version, CyberGhost5. Can you please contact us on Twitter or Facebook so we can provide you with the updated images and features of the new program. Keep in touch!

  • Liala

    Learn English first before you call yourself a “geek”!! You’re not smart enough to be one.
    WTF are you even “proud”of??? Your English sentence is laughable.

    • Girish

      LMAO! Someone who doesn’t even know how to use punctuation marks is teaching the master on how to frame a proper English sentence.

  • Super Vpn

    SuperVPN offers FREE VPN accounts only if you share and follow them on social networks.


    SecurityKISS free account gives you 300MB a day and you don’t even have to register. Each download is unique, with a client number built in, so they don’t ask you for ANY information unless you want a pay account.

  • Lacy

    VPNBOOK IS A HONEYPOT. Why do you have this on your list? makes your list unvalidated and unsecure. And not trustable looking as if you did no such real review. I would not trust any of these vpn’s from a source who is recommending a honeypot as a safe one

  • tunie

    Is vpn the tool I’d use to block yahoo’s tracking? They are using sound detection, or something beyond cookies, to target ad content for their front page of my email. How do I disable this feature? VPN is the only tool I’ve heard of for protection from this degree of privacy invasion. Am I on the right track? Thank you!

    • Vulcan616

      There should be an option to disable ad-tracking in your browser’s settings.

  • dickc

    i sthere any way to get a vpn that I connect to via my router and use on my side of the router for ipad, iphone and pc or hulu, apple tv, etc??

  • Boris

    I am trying to find VPN apps like these for Windows Phone 8.1. I got a Nokia Lumia phone, and while I like it, I cannot find such apps for it. So there is no way for me to use youtube on my phone. I don’t really mind not spending time on Facebook and don’t use twitter, but do miss using youtube. Anyone know of such apps?

    • Salim Ansari

      U can go the marketplace in ur lumia, than scrol ur finger, hope u find youtube app

  • Julio Poveda

    Frootvpn is the best

    • kk

      always show wait state

  • jojo

    Need a bit of help

  • Char

    Any to use in australia

  • baree

    hi boss….any vpn can bypass celcom malaysia telco qouta..thanks

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  • imran

    Any vpn work in India?

    • kk


  • Jagan

    Thanks, now I know why cybeghost suddenly unable to connect.

  • Shaun Stevin

    There are a lot free VPN service online, just search Free VPN in Google, then you will see the lists. But there will be some limits with Free VPN, Maybe you can try some paid ones, PureVPN is good VPN Service with Free trial. you can enjoy more free trial service by promoting for them.

    • Micky56

      I’m using Vpn One Click in all my devices and it’s good. You van try for free and in many countries all around the world

  • Arr U. Gaetü

    I’m not seeing the “free” part on any of these. They are all highly limited trial versions scooping up email addresses and personal web traffic. All I need are the access settings. It unnerves me to open my computer to other browsers and software. UFreeVPN is ok, but as slow as dial-up. I tried others, but what worked last week is down today. Any help would be good, or has “free VPN” gone the way of the greedy?

  • pseudomutant

    Betternet can connect to NL, thus giving you Netflix NL, which is far superior to US and UK. The only problem is you can’t choose and it takes forever to cycle through to find NL. It’s free,’but disconnects randomly. I think they want you to install/buy apps under the guise of improving it. I habe’t bought any.