I am not at all a movie-buff. Rarely enough I feel the urge to watch a good movie but more often than not I waste too much time in deciding which movie to watch until the urge dies down. But not anymore, I found out a damn good site which I can use for getting my movie fix and is just fun to browse.

Hello Movies lets you easily search for different movies and shows you where to watch them. The site is nicely laid out and finding movies is easy with their search features.

Update: HelloMovies has been shutdown and not available anymore.


As you can see in the snap-shot above, you can narrow down your search using different criteria like a particular genre, movies recommended by friends etc. Oh! I forgot to mention that you can have your own network by inviting your friends or adding new friends on the website.


The best part is, it will let you know where you can watch the movies as well, like, Hulu, Veoh, Youtube, Fancast, Apple TV, Netflix etc. So, effectively you can watch the movies online for free. And yeah, all of them are legit streaming sites.



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When you click on any of the movie links, it takes you to a page filled with all the details about that movie. You can rate the movie or recommend to a friend. You can even watch a trailer of that movie! Also, you will be told about the ways you can watch it, along with the ratings from imdb, netflix etc. When you hover over a movie thumbnail you get a brief description of the story and ratings from different movie sites. They also have a feature so you can check out movies that are playing at the theater in your area and watch trailers.


The site is truly fun and the intuitive aspect of it gets on to you even if you are not a movie-freak. Give Hello Movies a try today.

Check out hellomovies.com [Update: Service is dead]


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