Spotify is a popular proprietary peer-to-peer streaming music program that allows instant listening to specific tracks or albums with almost no buffering delay. Music can be browsed by artists, albums or created playlists as well as by direct searches. Although it is not possible to save the streamed music for use outside the application, a link is provided to allow the listener to directly purchase the material via partner retailers. The program/service in its free version is only available in parts of western Europe(Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, UK, France) during the ongoing beta programme, but invite-only service for India, USA and China. So here I present some valid Free Spotify invites!


Grab these Free Spotify invite codes

As I mentioned, if you are not in one of those western Europe countries, you would be needing an invite code to join, and not to worry, you are at the right place!! Grab these Free Spotify Invites and use it to register your account at Then Download Spotify desktop client and you are ready to listen to some awesome music!

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  • Rq4xzWHHDc6WkmLJ
  • xzwMuun8mHWGieHu
  • 7X9ypN6xWjkLS45M
  • H6UjFkxqk7xfwD5W
  • jXZMcXh3GxD93uLB
  • Uk2f8xPBgeBsTH2y
  • edRY5Yfs3LbXsjzh
  • mspCyZLEZgWYuV7k
  • KZuKK6VbWwax3dMG
  • iqXaGS3XD7YUM2KR
  • UHcWacAEbsMXeabs
  • 5KAbczi3W8sChFhu
  • BqsZWi8qxsRJu4f6
  • JzdmHDjHRFKiM6FK
  • 79SpYWDegPAkzZSt
  • xfTSV8L4W6K6qBX9
  • pj8HBVT7GSf5NAYW

Use one of these codes before they expire! Please do share the invites if you have them for the benefit of those who are late.

Update: Looks like most of the invites have been used up and/or expired. More coming soon

Update 2: Few more invites I got. Use it before they expire! Thanks Gabriel & spotify1life

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  • UpXzTacy2aUg5qzi

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