Earlier this week, I got a Google Voice Invite and was so excited. But the excitement was short lived, since I got to know that it is of no use for people residing out of US. But then, I managed to find out a way to still go ahead and use Google Voice from India (which I will be sharing later). If you still don’t know, Google Voice has some unique and cool features which in a lot of ways just changes the way you will use your phone! Checking your voicemail and sending text messages becomes so much more easier with Google Voice since you can manage them from your personal computer.

But then, Google Voice doesn’t let you make calls from your computer directly. This, for me is a BIG disadvantage. I would ideally prefer to make calls from computer (for FREE of-course) using Google Voice. But how to do that?

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Well, here is how to go about it –

1. Download and Install Gizmo5 . You can create a free account, without any call credits.

2. Open Gizmo. In the “Home” tab of the application, click “Edit My Profile“.

3. In the tab that pops up, you will see, a number filled in for “SIP number“. Copy that number (everything before the @ sign).

4. In Google Voice, click “Settings“, and then “Phones“.

5. Click “Add Another phone” and paste the SIP number from Gizmo into the box.

6. Name the number “Gizmo” or whatever you want, and then Save it.


How To Make Free Calls From PC With Google Voice?

1. Open Google Voice, and click “Call“.
2. Enter the number you want to call.
3. Make sure the Gizmo phone is selected as the “Phone to Ring“.
4. Click “Connect“.
5. You will get a pop-up from Gizmo, with your Google Voice number on the caller ID. Answer it!
6. Google Voice will automatically dial and connect the other person, and you will be talking from your computer!

A good, fast internet connection is all you need. The whole process is so simple and it doesn’t cost you a penny. Make full use of it before it stops working!

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  • Jack

    Google voice is beating every VoIP, I am thinking about the future of other VoIP apps like truphone, Vopium and Jajah

  • Paritosh

    Helpful post indeed but i cant use it from India !!

    • Raju

      You will be able to, its a long process though. Anyway you must be having an account/invite for Google Voice

      • munnakhan

        hi raju can u help me how get a account and how to use it plzzzzzzz..

  • Paritosh

    I have an invite received a week ago.

  • Amjad

    Can you please tell the whole process to make a Google Voice account in India? I have got an invite….
    also, I don’t see any SIP number in edit profile option of gizmo5

  • Bridge

    Its not possible the way you have described.

    While registering on Google Voice, you cant even reach to “Settings“ which you have listed in Step-4. So there is no place to “Add Another phone”.

  • Bridge

    Amjad is also right. You cant see SIP number on the edit profile.

    Raju the whole post that you have created is faulty. I would suggest to follow your own step first before witing it here.

    • Raju

      This does WORK if you are in US. I am approving your comments just because I want you and everyone to know clearly what is happening. If you cannot see the SIP number, then it must be because you are not in US. Open a ticket with Gizmo5 and they will get back with your SIP number. I have got mine the same way. The post is not about how people outside US can use Google Voice. Please get that right

      • akashraj7713

        how to open a ticket

  • Hardik

    hi raju, can u also send me an invitation to google voice plz ?? at my email add .

    Thanks dude !!

    • Raju

      I don’t think any of us can send the invites. Apply directly

  • Ben guy

    This works fine just as you mentioned. No idea why some people complaining. I stay in US though

  • Bridge


    “… I managed to find out a way to still go ahead and use Google Voice from India… ” – This is in the very first para of your post. This was the only reason I read it.

    Had you given the disclaimer then, which you have given now that “The post is not about how people outside US can use Google Voice. Please get that right”, many of your readers would not have continued reading it.

    Only one reqeust – Please mention clearly in very first post that it is intended for US only.

    Thanks for approving the uncomfortable comments. And the reason behind it was real that I am not able to see some of the things which you gave in the post.


    • Raju

      This is called selective reading. Why didn’t you read and copy the very next phrase in brackets “(which I will be sharing later)”? So, its obvious that the post is NOT about how people in US can use Google voice. Adding a disclaimer doesn’t make sense. This is because both Gizmo5 and Google voice are meant only for US.

  • Crazy1

    Hey there, very good post. Infact it really got me interested. I am from India too. I hope you will come out with your how to make calls from India to anywhere. I really wish you do it asap. Great job. Keep it up :). Cheers! :)

  • hardik

    i got an invitation to join google voice, wen i click on the link i got the following msg

    Google Voice is not available in your country.
    Thanks for visiting Google Voice. We’re not yet open for users outside the US, but are planning to expand our service to additional countries in the future. ”

    how can i start using google voice on my id ???

    plz help

  • trushafty38

    This is a great post! It works perfectly! Thank You very much!

  • Nihar

    Thanks for the tips.

    I have checked google voice site yesterday…

  • mohan

    thanks for tips , i haven’t tried this i will check this today

  • qwertyweb

    this is a great trick but i m unable to sign up coz Google Voice is currently available by invite only. and i live in india ,till then i will have to manage with skype 😉

  • Lena

    can someone please pretty please send me an invite for google voice.
    thanks : )

    • Raju

      Unfortunately, no one except Google can invite you.

  • Mahaveer

    Please advise a way to make free calls from India… :Þ

  • Quan

    thank you soooooooo much for posting this. greatly appreciated. It works =]

  • Justin

    Thanks very much for this!

  • buyering

    Well done with providing all the information about free calls using google voice, it has been so helpful.. I enjoyed it

  • opty

    just dial ** from gizmo dialpad to get your SIP number

  • Srinu

    I think Gizmo will restrict the call for 3mins for free either incoming or outgoing

  • David Velez

    I just want to say Thanks. It works!

  • nikhil

    can somebody please send me an invite for google voice please i will b vry gr8ful, my mail id is

  • NoRmL3000

    This used to work before Gizmo5 was shutdown till after the buy out. Any other software other than gizmo that will work the same?

  • Sayed Hassan

    Hello Dear all

    Please tell me how I can make free calls from pc to sweden by which software or onine websites

  • Rotem

    I am oversea does Google Voice will work for me and from where I download the Google Phone?., I don’t find any file to download

  • Addis

    Can Any1 please Invite me to google voice?
    My email is

    Thanks a lot



  • tariq

    I want to make an account of gizmo5 but I can’t do so, because of some kind of problem, so please tell me what to do for that.

  • umesh chand

    very interesting article. Sir can u send me google voice invitation.

  • lineairb

    Can you please send me an invitation, I can’t use Google Voice yet..
    my email:

  • Abin

    could i get an invitation……..plz yaar…now a days love is so costly u know.

  • Afnan

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    • Jerry Sires

      Yea and after I sent my money in for the account they changed everything and now I can’t find the Chat icon on gmail to use the google voice I am paying for. What a rip.

  • ben

    Would someone PLEASE send me a google voice invite?I would appreciate your kindness. thank you,

    • Raju

      Google Voice is now open for all, you don’t need an invite

      • ari

        we know

    • ari


  • tonysafroo


  • Mike

    One more reason to use google voice: you can use it in any country!

  • vignesh

    ya its nice.v can talk frm anywhere

  • john

    im in colombia, south america trying to download google voice but it says not good for my country…. can you help me please thanks

  • relumal

    Hi ! interesting indeed your articles…while i am using the google voice, i could not follow/get the ‘settings’ one i.e. the icon/place where to add the gizmo number; request u to elaborate please.
    2. Next, i have the iphone 3gs version with 4.1 os; want to install anti virus [free ofcourse]; please also guide me to get/download the same…thank you….

  • Concern Citizin

    seriously? i dont understand a thing here.. this information is missing. you didn’t even wrote where we can download gizmo5 and how we open it..