Earlier this week, I got a Google Voice Invite and was so excited. But the excitement was short lived, since I got to know that it is of no use for people residing out of US. But then, I managed to find out a way to still go ahead and use Google Voice from India (which I will be sharing later). If you still don’t know, Google Voice has some unique and cool features which in a lot of ways just changes the way you will use your phone! Checking your voicemail and sending text messages becomes so much more easier with Google Voice since you can manage them from your personal computer.

But then, Google Voice doesn’t let you make calls from your computer directly. This, for me is a BIG disadvantage. I would ideally prefer to make calls from computer (for FREE of-course) using Google Voice. But how to do that?

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Well, here is how to go about it –

1. Download and Install Gizmo5 . You can create a free account, without any call credits.

2. Open Gizmo. In the “Home” tab of the application, click “Edit My Profile“.

3. In the tab that pops up, you will see, a number filled in for “SIP number“. Copy that number (everything before the @ sign).

4. In Google Voice, click “Settings“, and then “Phones“.

5. Click “Add Another phone” and paste the SIP number from Gizmo into the box.

6. Name the number “Gizmo” or whatever you want, and then Save it.


How To Make Free Calls From PC With Google Voice?

1. Open Google Voice, and click “Call“.
2. Enter the number you want to call.
3. Make sure the Gizmo phone is selected as the “Phone to Ring“.
4. Click “Connect“.
5. You will get a pop-up from Gizmo, with your Google Voice number on the caller ID. Answer it!
6. Google Voice will automatically dial and connect the other person, and you will be talking from your computer!

A good, fast internet connection is all you need. The whole process is so simple and it doesn’t cost you a penny. Make full use of it before it stops working!

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