Youtube has become a great resource for latest (as well as old) videos and movies. But when you search for a video, you normally get both normal quality and high quality ones as part of the search results. What if you are someone who prefer ONLY high quality, high resolution, HD videos always? Not to worry, the following trick helps you get only HD/HQ version of YouTube videos in search results.

Trick to search HD / HQ videos on Youtube


  • Go to
  • Type the search phrase and add the following parameters to your search query "watch in normal quality watch in high quality"

To explain this with a real example, a search for “Transformers” related videos on YouTube would look something like this on Google:

transformers “watch in normal quality watch in high quality”

or even this

transformers “watch in high quality”

You can innovate a bit with the search parameters to get more accurate results.

transformers “definition 720p”

transformers “quality=high”

Isn’t that simple enough? Do you have any tips to share related to Youtube? Please do share them in the comments section below.


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